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  1. TDL Elite Play-Offs are underway, have your Round 1 Series finished by Sunday, December 7. Find attached the 99-minute OT rom.

    All series are best of 7 with higher seed having home advantage for games 1, 2, 5, & 7 while the lower seed will be home games 3, 4, and 6.

    Here are the final standings including DNP's:

    1. St. Louis Blues - Icestorm70: 32-4-0 (1 DNP) 64 pts - [1dnpx2pts] = 62 pts

    2. Philadelphia Flyers - Kingraph94: 27-7-0 (1 DNPs) 54 pts -[1dnpx2pts] = 52 pts

    3. NY Rangers - Clockwize: 23-13-0 (0 DNPs) 46 pts

    4.Boston Bruins - Skeletor: 12-23-1 (0 DNPs) 25 pts

    5. Washington Capitals - Pearate: 8-19-1 (4 DNPs) 17 pts - [4dnpsx2pts] = 9 pts

    6. Buffalo Sabres - Gretzkyonacold: 7-20-0 (4 DNPs) 14 pts - [4dnpsx2pts] = 6 pts

    7. LA Kings - Wittgenstein: 10-17-0 (10 DNPs) 20 pts - [10dnpsx2pts] = 0 pts

    8. Pittsburgh Penguins - LABS66: 7-23-0 (8 DNPs) 14 pts - [8dnpsx2 pts] = -2 pts

    Thus the first round Play-off matchups are:

    1. St. Louis Blues (IceStorm70) vs 8. Pittsburgh Penguins (LABS_66)

    2. Philadelphia Flyers (Kingraph94) vs. 7. Los Angeles Kings (Wittgenstein)

    3. New York Rangers (clockwise) vs. 6. Buffalo Sabres (gretzkyonacold) NYR WINS SERIES 4-1

    4. Boston Bruins (skeletor) vs. 5. Washington Capitals (Pearate) WSH WINS SERIES 4-3

    GLHFF!!! #GHG


  2. Congratulations to the Trade Deadline League Season 2 Major Division Champion coach MinpinD, who swept the top seeded Pittsburgh Penguins (Brutus.Khan) in a 4-0 series to win the Stanley Cup Play-Offs.

    Congratulations to BrutusKhan our season runner-up as well, he had coached one of the toughest teams built in TDL's short-lived history with elite goaltending in Ed Belfour(5.01 GAA, 0.652 sv%) in front of Defenders Paul Coffey (4G 8A) and Kjell Samuellson (6A) in addition to offensive powers in Eric Lindros(14G 7A), Mark Messier(6G 3A), Cliff Ronning (4G 8A), Russ Courtnall (6G 5A) and Jaromir Jagr(7G 6A). The Penguins had five players to post 10+ pts in the post-season, again congratulations on Brutus to a great season.

    The Bruins were able to overcome the odds and take the league's top team down in four games. Pierre Turgeon (14G 10A), Cam Neely (10G 7A), Jimmy Carson (8 G 3A), Adam Oates (1G 7A) Mike Ridley (6G 7A), and Kevin Stevens (9G 9A) lead the way offensively for the Bruins as goaltender Tom Barrasso (2.57 GAA, 0.731 sv%, 1 SO) stood strong in front of Ray Bourque (7G 6A), Don Sweeney (3G 7A) and Dave Ellet (8A). Pierre Turgeon's 24 points lead all players in the post season averaging a goal per game.

    Thanks to all coaches for having participated this season, and Congratulations to MinpinD and the Bruins on their Season 2 Championship.

  3. The final stage for TDL-M is set, with two top notch teams with sights set on taking the Stanley Cup. The Pittsburgh Penguins and coach Brutus have been on a tear this season keeping atop the standings with a high power offense and elite goaltending. Their final challenge lays in the Boston Bruins coached by Minpind, a team which has made wise acquisitions adding depth allowing this team to play a full three lines which has enabled them to battle into the #3 seed coming into the playoffs. Best of luck to both coaches, deadline for the finals will be next Sunday 11/30.

  4. kupuck

    I saved over game 4 by accident, just need probob to upload that one so I can upload game 5 and sim game 2

    I remember this, you guys were talking about in the chatroom nearly a week ago before I left town. Still hasn't been done. IDC why it isn't loaded, I just want to see the games up so we can move this thing along.

    Another reason to upload instantly right after each game.

  5. I think if you ever get sucked into a pissing contest with Plabax (happens) and wanted to fire shots, the "knock" on his GDL title is that Frey and Carse both dropped out that season, both of them were in his conference and hence his path to the title was "easy". He had to go through Houly (I think, not sure if houly FF), FlamingPavelBure, Depch and then Zalex in the playoffs. The CB check was also unknown to anyone but Plabax at that point. Whether he used it or not, who knows, I have never seen the video.

    The "knock" on his Classic title is that he was using Detroit, the best team.

    I've never knocked it myself, because Plabax beat whoever he had to play and that's all you can control. And as Ice says, ironically, Plabax loves to troll me that I never beat Frey to win my Blitz or Classic titles.

    Like I said, it's all a pissing match if you want to knock titles. Depch said it best, just play and win.

    Exactly, people are just knocking at him. No one seriously cares about plabax's GDL title that much.

  6. It's a real shame, but with the last Canucks game played on 9/30 we must forfeit hokkee and move on with the post season.

    Playoff deadline for Round 2 is Saturday 11/1.

    Here are the matchups:

    (1) Pittsburgh Penguins (brutuskhan) vs (4) Washington Capitals (kupuck19)

    (2) Boston Bruins (minpind) vs (3) Detroit Red Wings (probob38)

  7. Great post raph.

    I would like to add a way to preserve game stats without the stitching for late in the game:

    1. Drp1Zza is up 3-2 with a minute left in the 3rd period and the game desynchs.

    2. Carse pauses immediately, notes the game desynched chatting with drp1zza on AIM.

    3. Carse makes a savestate, reopens his gens folder and renames the file.

    4. Drp1zza hosts a new game, Carse joins and scores 2 goals in the last minute with Doug Gilmour to win 4-3.

    5. After the game, Carse opens gens->loads nhl94.bin->opens savestate from the desynch->adds two more goals with Doug Gilmour->make new savestate

    6. Carse uploads the new savestate to nhl94online dut com giving the game nearly spot on stats

  8. Really.... Really.....

    We played two periods of a game in which you were winning 8-2 and I think you were up 3-0 within 90 seconds. I had 2 shots on goal and had the puck maybe 30 seconds. As I told you in our conversation last night obviously that is not enjoyable for me and didn't want to play the rest of our games that night. I even told you I didn't want to quit and would have no issues playing the other members of the league. I see no reason to do this except to remind everyone that you have some kind of authority here....

    Furthermore, having two giant leagues of A and B is a bad idea every time it's been around. 10-12 team leagues are the best because skill level is very similar. If I were a team like Detroit and you were LA that would be a better matchup than you with New Jersey and me with Hartford as those teams are similar in skill level yet you are so much better than me it's scary.

    You have been a whiner and complainer since day 1. I think the format this year is the best it's been in a long time, just because you have no reassurance that you will beat every opponent by 6+ goals every game you think its a bad format. Dcicon has won 3 maybe 4 Gens "B" league titties, er I mean titles and you are complaining about losing 8-2?? Really??? Really!

    Maybe it is time to start challenging yourself and playing up to your true potential rather then continuing to beat on coaches who are not as skilled. OR just stop signing up for leagues you know YOU wont enjoy. Which sounds like almost every league you don't enjoy based on the amount of games you have played (zero).

    Dcicon replaced in GDL.

    Dcicon replaced in Classic.

    Coming soon:

    Dcicon replaced in Blitz.

    #getsome #manup #getapair

  9. Find attached to the thread the rom for the remainder of the regular season, which will come to an end on Saturday, November 8th. That gives each coach nearly 3 weeks to play 14 games, one home one away versus each opponent. Sunday November 9th the Playoffs will begin, a rom with 99 minute OT will be posted to the forums. The schedule for playoffs will go as such:

    Quarter Finals(1 v 8, 2 v 7, 3 v 6, 4 v 5) 11/9-11/16

    Semi-Finals (highest seed v lowest seed, 2nd highest vs 2nd lowest) 11/17-11/24

    Championship series 11/25-12/2

    GLHF - hope to see everyone eager to get into playoff shape!


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