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  1. My apologies, the first rom posted didn't have jersey # changes for the two coaches (WSH and BOS) that did not post their line-ups. On BOS Russ Courtnall was changed to #62, and on Washington Joe Sakic has been assigned #91 and Brendan Shanahan #9. Go back to the original post to download the correct rom, and save over the old file.
  2. Limit each league to a max. # of coaches (no more then a dozen per lg) and make the waitlists stronger. Playing in leagues where there is a competitive environment should be treated more as a privilege, when we let everyone that signs up into the league is where a lot of problems with classic start in my opinion. Maybe for new coaches we could have a small league with a short 20 game regular season. Time zone conferences would be highly disproportionate, there are far more of coaches that live in Eastern time zones and barely any that live in Pacific time zones. By the time we consider European players and central/rocky mountain guys things would get complicated.
  3. TDLeliteS2pt2.binFind attached the rom for TDL Elite for up until the 2nd checkpoint & trade deadline. Each coach must play all other coaches twice (1 home 1 away) by August 28. GLHF
  4. I was out of town this weekend(left my AIM on by mistake and received a large amount of message wasn't ignoring anyone). Was expecting to be back Sunday evening but was delayed until the morning. I will release the TDL Elite rom tonight, coaches have until 10 PM EST to fix jersey numbers and make any last minute changes. Apologies for my lagging the last few days
  5. With the TDL Elite draft completed in a swift 24 hours we can start thinking about line-ups as we continue to work on trades. The last chance to edit line-ups on this thread will be Sunday 8/3 8 PM EST. Also please note fixes to duplicate jersey numbers on your roster. Include Scr1/Scr2/Chk/PP1/PP2/PK1/PK2, if special teams are the same as your Scr1 or Scr2 line just indicate "same as scr1/scr2". Duplicate Jersey #s: Boston Bruins: Russ Courtnall/Glen Wesley #26 Buffalo Sabres: Ulf Samuelsson/Steve Smith #5 Los Angeles Kings: Gary Roberts/Warren Rychel #10 New York Rangers: Dino Ciccerelli/Mike Gartner #22, Jeremy Roenick/Alexei Kovalev #27 Philadelphia Flyers: Theo Fleury/Dave Snuggerud #14 St. Louis Blues: Pavel Bure/Dave Lowry #10, Calle Johansson/Doug Crossman #6 Washington Capitals: Joe Sakic/Pat Elynuik/Brendan Shanahan #19, Jeff Brown/Todd Krygier #21 Find attached a rom current to date with trades for exis. Line-ups will be added at the end of the week. TDLeliteS2pt2exi.bin
  6. Awesome work Ice, everyone's rosters look so strong tough to tell how the rest of the season will shake out. Early prediction: St. Louis vs. Boston in the finals.
  7. Here is a rom for exi's updated through the entire draft and trades thru 9:00pm PST 7/28 TDLeliteS2pt2exi.bin
  8. Each coach has a maximum of 5 trades. Draft positions are not eligible for trading, discuss/post/confirm any possible trade deals here. Trading will be closed Sunday, October 19 at 4 PM EST. Buffalo Sabres (LA robbie): 2 trades left (P. Svoboda, D. Hawerchuk, U. Samuelsson) Pittsburgh Penguins (LABS_66): 4 trades left (S. Yzerman) Philadelphia Flyers (kingraph): 2 trades left (E. Lindros, R. Brind'Amour, M. Recchi) St. Louis Blues (Icestorm70): 0 trades left (S. Quintal, K. Muller, B. Hull, C. Johansson) Los Angeles Kings (Wittgenstein): 5 trades left Boston Bruins (Skeletor): 2 trades left (G. Wesley, S. Richer, D. Manson) New York Rangers (Clockwise): 5 trades left Washington Capitals (Snyder): 4 trades left (A. Iafrate) Previous Official Transactions: 1. Houly (BUF) sends Grant Fuhr (G), Pat Lafontaine (F) to LABS_66 (PIT) 2. LABS_66 (PIT) sends Kevin Stevens (F), Ulf Samuelsson (D) to houly (BUF) 3. Houly (BUF) waivers Randy Moller (D) 4. LABS_66 (PIT) waivers Ken Wregget (G) 5. SOH (WSH) sends Zarley Zalapski (D), Calle Johansson (D) to Icestorm70 (STL) 6. Icestorm70 (STL) sends Brendan Shanahan (F), Jeff Brown (D) to SOH (WSH) 7. Icestorm70 (STL) waivers Rick Zombo (D) Current Official Transactions: 1. LABS_66 (PIT) sends S. Yzerman (F) to Kingraph (PHI) 2. Kingraph (PHI) sends E. Lindros (F) to LABS_66 (PIT) 3. Icestorm70 (STL) sends K. Muller (F), S. Quintal (D) to LArobbie (BUF) 4. LArobbie (BUF) sends D. Hawerchuk (F), U. Samuelsson (D) to Icestorm70 5. Kingraph (PHI) sends R. Brind'Amour (F) to Larobbie (BUF) 6. Larobbie (BUF) sends P. Svoboda (D) to Kingraph (PHI) 7. Snyder (WSH) sends A. Iafrate (D) to Kingraph (PHI) 8. Kingraph (PHI) sends M. Recchi (F) to Snyder (WSH) 9. Icestorm70 (STL) sends C. Johansson (D), B. Hull (F) to Skeletor (BOS) 10. Skeletor (BOS) sends S. Richer (F), G. Wesley (D), D. Manson (D) to Icestorm70 (STL)
  9. After giving extra time, the first Trade Deadline Week is finally here for TDL Elite. Unfortunately some DNP's/FF's will be assigned to keep the league moving on pace. Major props to plabax for cranking out games in a short period of time as a replacement, because Zalex was the coach for most the checkpoint the unplayed games will be forfeited to SOH. The unplayed games will be logged as DNP's and FF'd as following: PIT 1 @ BUF 0 BUF 0 @ PIT 1 PIT 1 @ BOS 0 BOS 0 @ PIT 1 WSH 1 @ NYR 0 NYR 0 @ WSH 1 WSH 0 @ STL 1 STL 1 @ WSH 0 WSH 0 @ PHI 1 PHI 1 @ WSH 0 PHI 1 @ BUF 0 BUF 0 @ PHI 1 The standings up to Trade Deadline 1(Bolded are added draft penalties for DNP FF's, more than 2 FFs puts you at the end of each draft rd): 1. St. Louis (12-2-0) 24 pts (2 DNP: 0 FFs = 24 pts) 2. Philadelphia Flyers (10-4-0) 20 pts (4 DNP: 0 FFs = 20 pts) 3. Boston Bruins (9-5-0) 18 pts (2 DNP: 2 FF's = 26 pts) 4. New York Rangers (8-6-0) 16 pts (2 DNPS: 2 FF's 24 pts) 5. Washington Capitals (7-7-0) 14 pts (6 DNP: 4 FF = 30 pts) 6. LA Kings (5-9-0) 10 pts (0 DNP: 0 FF = 10 pts) 7. Pittsburgh Penguins (5-9-0) 10 pts (4 DNP: 0 FF = 10 pts) 8. Buffalo Sabres (0-14-0) 0 pts (4 DNP: 4 FF = 16 pts) Thus the first TDL Elite Free Agent Draft Order will go as followed, find available players here: 1.1 Wittgenstein (LA) Belfour Drops Knickle 1.2 LABS_66 (PIT) Yzerman Drops Daniels 1.3 Kingraph (PHI) Selanne Drops Brown 1.4 Plabax (NYR) Roenick Drops 1.5 Icestorm (STL) Bure Drops Bozon 1.6 Freydey (BOS) Modano Drops 1.7 Houly (BUF) Roy Drops Draper 1.8 SOH (WSH) Potvin Drops Tabaracci 2.1 Freydey (BOS) Russ Courtnall 2.2 Icestorm (STL) Petr Klima drops Kelly Chase 2.3 Plabax (NYR) Dino Ciccarelli 2.4 Kingraph (PHI) Theoren Fleury 2.5 LABS_66 (PIT) Sergei Fedorov 2.6 Wittgenstein (LA) Paul Coffey 2.7 Houly (BUF) Pierre Turgeon 2.8 SOH (WSH) Zarley Zalapski 3.1 Wittgenstein (LA) Gary Roberts 3.2 LABS_66 (PIT) Scott Stevens 3.3 Kingraph (PHI) Phil Housely 3.4 Plabax (NYR) Steve Larmer 3.5 Icestorm (STL) Kirk Muller Drops Igor Korolev 3.6 Freydey (BOS) Stephane Richer 3.7 Houly (BUF) Steve Smith 3.8 SOH (WSH) Joe Sakic
  10. With the first Trade Deadline Week over league play starts again tomorrow, find the new rom attached. The next checkpoint will be for 28 GP by August 18. Please rename and keep savestates until uploading games is available in the schedules on nhl94online dot com TDLmajors2pt2.bin
  11. Last day to post/edit line-ups/conduct trades will be tomorrow at 5PM PST. Final rom will be available tomorrow evening with league play continuing on Monday, July 28.
  12. Reminder tomorrow is the last day for TDL Elite games. Draft order will be post by Sunday Midnight PST for free agency and trading opened. GLHF!
  13. Sorry been out of the loop, been in the mountains since Thursday. Glad to hear Ice changed his mind and will stick in it; plabax certainly has a history of acting like this, we will deal with this conduct if it continues to be a problem. Thanks for offering to step up Shaftman, I will let you know when a replacement comes around.
  14. Washington Capitals Jersey fixes: Starting Goalie: Felix Potvin Back-up Goalie: Don Beaupre Scr1: LD - K. Hatcher, RD - A. Iafrate, LW - T. Selanne, C - S. Richer, RW - P. Bondra X - Lafontaine Scr2: LD - G. Wesley, RD - M. McSorely, LW - D. Khristich, C - B. Bellows, RW - P. Lafontaine X - Selanne Chk: LD - P. Cavallini, RD - S. Cote, LW - J. Juneau, C - K. Miller, RW - B. Probert X - Selanne PP1: LD - K. Hatcher, RD - A. Iafrate, LW - T. Selanne, C - P. Lafontaine, RW - P. Bondra X - Khristich PP2: LD - G. Wesley, RD - M. McSorely, LW - D. Khristich, C - S. Richer, RW - B. Bellows X - Selanne PK1: LD - K. Hatcher, RD - M. McSorely, LW - T. Selanne, C - P. Lafontaine X - Bondra PK 2: LD - G. Wesley, RD - A. Iafrate, LW - B. Bellows, C - S. Richer X - Selanner
  15. Post your new lines here, be sure to include Scr1/Scr2/Chk/PP1/PP2/PK1/PK2. If special teams are the same as your Scr1 & Scr2, just mention "same as Scr1/Scr2". I combed through the rom and tried to pinpoint all the double #'s that need to be fixed, if you find any further double #'s let me know. Double Jersey #'s that need to be fixed: BOS: #77 Turgeon/Bourque CAL: #11 Muller/Lindberg, #3 Zalapski/Musil DET: #4 Blake/Howe NYR: #27 Roenick/Kovalev PIT: #10 Bure/Francis, #7 Sandstrom/Mullin, #16 Hull/Caufield VAN: #19 Yzerman/Nedved, #4 Stevens/Diduck WSH: #16 Lafontaine/May (May #06), #33 Beaupre/McSorely (McSorely #66) Find attached a rom updated with post-draft trades/free agents to date. Last updated after Hokkee-Jackandjose transaction 7:30 PM PST 7/23. TDLmajorS2pt2postdraftbeta.bin
  16. Deadline is coming up 7/27. If you do not see coaches on AIM very often post here to attempt setting up a scheduled time. With all the DNPs it is hard to predict any draft order. After Sunday, TDL Elite will enter the first trade deadline and DNP's will be assigned. NYR (Plabax) : games vs. STL, PHI, LA, BUF, PIT, WSH BUF (Houly): games vs. LA, PIT, NYR, PHI WSH (VC): games vs. PHI, NYR, STL PIT (LABS66): games vs. BOS, NYR, BUF STL (Icestorm): games vs. NYR, WSH PHI (Kingraph): games vs. BUF, WSH LA (Wittgenstein): games vs. NYR, BUF BOS (Freydey) games vs. NYR, PIT
  17. Find attached a rom with all free agents & trades to date. Let me know if your roster has errors and double jersey numbers. The error on the home screen set to "One-Home" has finally been reset to "Head-to-Head". TDLmajorS2pt2exirom.bin
  18. Washington Capitals select D Marty McSorely and waiver Jason Woolley Mammoth
  19. Washington Capitals select Pat Lafontaine F and waiver Steve Konowlchuk
  20. Washington Capitals send M. Ridley, C. Johansson to Boston Boston Bruins send J. Juneau, G. Wesley to Washington
  21. Jack&jose (NYR) selects F Jeremy Roenick and waivers Mike Hartman. Kupuck19 (WSH) selects F Teemu Selanne and waivers Reggie Savage
  22. Sorry it is nothing personal replacing coaches, but not a single coach in Elite has met the 14 GP. Most coaches have NYR/BUF remaining on their schedules (Houly made better progress over the weekend). Zalex is a busy mofape that works full time and it is summer, we will invite him back for Season 3 during the Winter(if he prepares his anus for line changes).
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