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  1. Hello, just joined the forum. I’m an old school player from the original console games and played them all as they came out. I found the site last year and got playing 94 again with an updated roster. But this season my kids (7 and 10) have taken a liking to the game and so now I’m back and see the amazing work on new rosters and gameplay mods posted on the site. So I’m jazzed to fire those up and give them a play. Back in the day 95 was the one we logged the most ice time on because of the insane advancement of the full season mode with statistics and trades…back in the pre-internet days, this was a game changer. We had leagues where 5-6 of us played a full season and it was so intense. So I’m excited to see there’s a ROM for that game here as well. cheers!
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