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  1. Phoenix's third jersey has been leaked. Just a quick adjustment to the sleeves. I've heard (and noticed) that the in-game line editor has trouble with dark jerseys. The numbers for several teams appear the same color as the jersey, making them essentially invisible. The problem is, it's not obvious how the game chooses the color of the numbers in the line editor screen. It's not the goalie mask color, the side stripe or the side spot color, so the easy options are out. That leaves however many mishmashed pixels that make up the jerseys themselves. It also means that I'm going to have to
  2. This is why I ask for comments in my thread. I don't have access to my files today to edit that, so I'll look at it tomorrow. I haven't yet figured out which pixel of the jersey corresponds to the color of the numbers in the line editor, but I'll look into it. Mario Lemieux would tend to have terrible numbers when simming with the original rosters, since he played a very injury- and fatigue-prone campaign that year. I also have a slight suspicion that the simulator doesn't like anybody with less than 84 games played, since that was the max games in 93-94. With everyone in the league 82
  3. Vancouver's third jersey has leaked. The interior of the chest logo is reversed from what I have. I'll start a list of changes and will do an update once I have a few piled up.
  4. For your continued gaming pleasure, I present the 2008-2009 version of the Reebok EDGE Jersey Pack, complete with 3rd jerseys. 3rd jerseys as seen above: Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Edmonton, Carolina, Los Angeles, Dallas, Montreal, the Islanders Ottawa, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, San Jose, Tampa Bay, Toronto, Vancouver, Phoenix Western All-Stars Eastern All-Stars -- Some minor tweaks of the original jerseys are in there, but nothing too drastic. -- Includes .bat files for easy jersey switching. -- Also includes the above picture, suitable for fra
  5. Oh sure, don't create the only face-off guy the Penguins have. Very nice job!
  6. Well, since I'm talking to myself I'll tell myself that once again, the Official Logos of the Three Stars Reebok EDGE Jersey Update are provided by Johan Emanuelsson. Johan Emanuelsson © -- You Never Knew PCX Logos Could Look So Good!
  7. Well, at the latest count, 305 people were interested enough to click, and I can only take credit for being 200 of those. I played this game for so many years it holds a special place in my gaming heart, which is why I like to tinker with it.
  8. All Star jerseys! I decided to go with contrasting sleeves. The helmets and pants are a total guess.
  9. Two jerseys leaked today. Tampa Bay's is almost identical to what I already have. Maybe I'll toy with the "Bolts" text, but I don't think it can be improved beyond what's there. I'll add the shoulder emblems and call it a day. (Edit: done) I'm pretty sure I can extend the orange on the Philly jersey to the sleeves while I make them more accurate. (Edit: also done)
  10. Edmonton's jersey is out today. I fixed the lower jersey stripes on the original version.
  11. Toronto's third jersey is out today. The excitement of corrected blue stripes is now upon us.
  12. Sweet. I'm waiting for some news on third jerseys so I can get my jersey pack close to final.
  13. I just saw a picture of the All-Star jerseys for this year. Asymmetrical sleeves, vertical stripes. Montreal, you're KILLING me.
  14. I have no idea how that happened, unless the txt2db program did it. I just went into NHLinfo, and I can't find that number. Oh well. At least the stats are good. Well, except for Chris Minard. 40-some points is way too many for him, so feel free to give him a zeroing.