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  1. It sure would be nice to bleed in an awesome '09-fashion!
  2. I agree! '93 is way better So... I use the Gens emulator... and I'm from Sweden, that might be a problem when it comes to pick a time for the game?
  3. As the title says: anyone in for a game? It would be my first online game, so I'll need some help to set it up... //Martin
  4. Thanks a lot! Now I've got another question: When got line changes set to "on" (manual) I can't do a line change without loosing the puck. Am I just crappy, or is there no way of avoiding loosing the puck while changing lines?
  5. I've got lots of spare time this weekend. I'm no wiz when it comes to play online. I'm using the Gens emulator... so if you could help me getting started I'm up for the challenge
  6. This is no real NHL94-problem. But it's really disturbing while playing this great game. I guess I've got some settings that prevents me from pressing to many buttons at once. For example: When it's time for face-off i can't press down+right... pass to the RB. Help me, please!
  7. I'd sure play. But I've never played an online league... might need some help to get started. Great idea, though.