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  1. Thanks for doing this. Just downloaded. Can't wait to try it out!
  2. the stream went really well. no lag on my end at all. i was only playing cpu, but you can watch the matches here: NHL94. twitchTV is great because it records your broadcasts! you don't have to record and reupload somewhere else. I'd play someone but like i said no PC yet. see ya later! edit: I have a 10meg connection, and although the stream looks a little choppy it wasn't on my computer. I was uploading at 20 frames per second to keep the lag down, but i bet i could have done 30 without any problems. Also, skip ahead to like 7 minutes if you watch the video, that's when i start playing.
  3. stream is up http://www.twitch.tv/nhl94twitchtv
  4. I would if I wasn't on a Mac. I'm just going to stream as a test at 30 frames per second. See if it lags at all on my end. I doubt it will but I just want to give it a run. I'm going to play SNES though. I guess the genesis netplay is a little unstable?
  5. i'm going to stream tomorrow just for fun. i think i'm going to play the hacked rom with the 2010 rosters. I feel like scoring some goals with malkin. i should be on around 11am. Maybe i'll do a 5pm as well. see ya. -Jusitn
  6. added info on how to stream as well as created the account on twitch.tv. check out the first post.
  7. totally down to play. no pc, and currently relocating AKA homeless.
  8. I don't think anything built within the last 5 years will have frame skip issues. the stream might skip but only the people watching would have a problem, not the actual players. we're talking SNES/GEN here; people stream 1080p starcraft 2 all day without lag. i understand what you're saying though, one frame can be the difference between a win and loss.
  9. It sounds like everyone is pretty pumped on this idea. I really don't think we'll see any lag issues as long as the person streaming has a 5meg connection, which is only tier 2 for most providers. In fact it might be tier one these days. It's super easy to do there is tons of free screen capture software. I'll do some research and post links to tutorials. Who moderates the league? It would be awesome if they create the twitch.tv account. I can obviously do it, but I don't want to step on any toes. LETS DO THIS!!!
  10. Hey guys, I think we should make one or two twitch.tv accounts that we all share and use to specifically play NHL94 league games on. especially the playoffs; i think that'd be awesome. Let me know how we can all work this out or if you guys are even interested. Edit: Here is a link to our stream: NHL94 Stream How To Stream Tutorial: Click Here Here are the user names and passwords for twitch.tv and gmail. Both are the same, and i think you can just use all lowercase. User Name:NHL94TwitchTV Password: nhl94league It's really not that hard. As soon as I get a PC you better believe I'll be
  11. Has anyone played, and/or modded NHL 2 on 2 open ice challenge for PS1. I can't seem to find any tags that would hint at player names or anything. any help or comments would be great. thanks -Justin