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    skate behind and around net, find the open man in the slot for a one timer
  1. I'm trying to edit the center ice logos on nhl 95 Gens using tile layer but when I change anything and start the game up, i get colored squares with numbers on them showing up where the center ice logo should be. what am i doing wrong?
  2. Really all I'm concerned about are the center ice logos and the little striped graphics that have the team city name that are used in the standings, stats, and such. If you could tell me how or direct me somewhere I'd be very appreciative. Cheers
  3. Cool, thanks. I think I'm going to give it a try myself anyhow. I've never tried it before. Can you change logos at center ice, team names in the menus, or even add teams using the NOSE old skool editor? if so, how? All I've figured out how to do is change players/rosters and team colours. Sorry, I'm a total noob at editing.
  4. I would absolutely kill for an NHL 95 Gens hack with current (08-09) rosters but all the teams and their colors kept true to NHL 95 (ie...Phoenix Coyotes roster on the Winnipeg Jets, Avs on the Nordiques, Canes on the Whale...Canucks remain in wonderful black, red, and get the picture.) I would do this myself but university and 2 jobs makes it nearly impossible to find the time. If anybody has free time and would like to to do this it'd be outstanding. Cheers and Go Habs