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    O'Connor Cup (GENS): willsxx94 (willsxx94), Bob Kudelski (BobKudelski26), mutoridze (mutoridze), jahopin (diamonddictator)

    Smyth Cup (SNES): dakattack04 (cajunman009), Kebert Xela NJ (p1calledChuckles)

    these are guys who, although signing up, have not been active in posting or playing. i'm sure most/some are still planning on playing...hopefully. i'm giving them until this sunday, MAY 17, to respond. if they do not, they will be automatically dq'd. i'll be pming them all as well, just to give them a heads up. unfortunately, it seems, The Four Seven is right...some of these guys are just bombing around the interweb, searching for something to do...sadly, they dont feel too hurried to live up to the random commitments they made to people they'll never even think about again.

    also, drinks are on guyhebert. cheers.

  2. you two are the last obstacles in the nords epic chase for a double digit point total...when are you free to do this? im good pretty much any time all weekend long...weekdays would be tricky, but an earlier afternoon time (ie 5-9 EST) could be managed.

  3. first off, new threads have been created for score reporting...this one can stay in use for questions & concerns. if you're searching for an opponent, or want to complain to me about the inactivity of yon opponent, i'd suggest pming. the brackies have been moved to the new threads as well.

    and iq hit the head right on the nail...start a new game and play till goal. but dammit, for once id like to be the first one to reply to a problem, just once...

  4. QUE (meatskid1) 1 @ STL (crazygangmasta) 2

    STL 4 @ QUE 1

    QUE 2 @ STL 3 (OT)

    swept in the first round of my own tourney, dammit...ggs nontheless

    bracky updated

    ps regarding teams, considering that not everyone selected one, just play as whoever you choose...just make sure to show which dude was which team

  5. ok, so i think i may have been totally out of it...but when i woke up this morning and checked the forums, i couldve sworn there was a guy named punk1212 who posted 5 pieces of non-sensical poetry in random topics, including "dont be a hockey puck". i also remember iq25 and boknowsnhl94 responding to one of his posts, basically saying "wha?" and "c'mon hokkee..." respectively. now i check back later, all evidence of him, including bo and iq's posts, have disappeared. have i witnessed an amazing vanishing act, or should i schedule an appointment with my therapist?

  6. first off, you can now find the brackies in the first post. i high-jacked 'em using stolen russian "Prt Scrn" technology.

    Just don't forget to update the brackets

    your lack of faith is disturbing...but no worries sir, these brackets shall be kept in tip-top up to date condition, once actual games are played...

    The best part about a noob competition is the noob questions!

    We report scores in this thread, right?

    yuppers, and they will be checked quite often, dont worry about that...i was on my lappy 'till about 3:30 this morning, pacing back and forth and praying for our first score report...you would not believe how much this tourney has altered my business class work ethic, sleep habits, and stubble.

  7. this tourney doth be ONNNN, folks. i'll work on getting the bracky up here, but for now follow these links.

    Smyth Cup

    O'Connor Cup

    players are listed by their aim handle. click on the championship bracket link on the page you are led to.

    gl and godspeed, hombres. may the least crappy man win.

    EDIT: found an error in the O'Connor...turns out i don't get a bye after all. guyhebert, it is ON!

  8. We find it strange that hockey cities like Quebec City do not have an NHL team.

    now there's an idea! seriously though, ontario already has 2 teams. how about quebec (1) or maybe even saskatchewan, manitoba, or an east coast team? hell, lets face it, put a pro hockey team anywhere in canada and they'll sell out nightly. Yellowknife Yeti, anyone?

  9. what he showed us with team canada during the winter championship was quite impressive

    sure, he racked up the goals in the prelims but in the semis and the finals, against teams with more nhl-type players, he did not score once...

    Tavares an Islander.

    i'm not saying tavares won't make it in the islanders organization... content_utah_grizzlies.gif

  10. Living in london, i've had the "privilege" of seeing Tavares play for the past few months...and quite honestly, i have NOT been impressed. All the man posesses is a freakishly wonderful shot. The dude's an average defender, only slightly above average speed, horseshit in traffic and unimpressive with the puck. In the nhl, where there will be capable defenders nightly able to keep him away from scoring chances, he will falter. Tavares needs to learn off-the-puck skills, as well as on the puck stickhandling, to be any presence in the big time. Otherwise, the Islanders are best advised to steer clear and let someone else pick the next Alexandre Daigle.

  11. ok, due to popular demand, here are the official rules/guidelines:


    original rom (no weight bug fix)

    5 minute periods

    Penalties on, no offsides

    Line changes off

    it will be a set bracket, perhaps with some byes in the gens tourney due to the weird-ass amount of people. seeding will be done by order you entered the tourney (making yours truly #1 in gens :blink:). anyhow, you and your opponent play a game against each other, then post the results here, bracket will be updated. there will be deadlines to make things run smoother, although if you contact me with your difficulties striking up a match i'll use my discretion to iron out the situation.

    if any other details are needed, just ask.

  12. hey guys just found the site,

    my xbox 360 is on life support ready to die so i've been reliving my youth playing nhl 94

    found the site searching for controls and here i am.

    im a huge Toronto Maple Leaf Fan living in Edmonton

    I've set up an AIM: therunningchief, some nights im on zbattles for zsnes as theCHIEF

    I've also got the Gens emulator.

    looking to join a league or a tourney

    welcome chief...

    if youre up for a tourney soon id suggest the O'Connor/Smyth Cup (http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?showtopic=10085)...mostly because it's my tourney...and i want someone else to join the snes division so i can leave it.

    also, add my aim: meatskid1


  13. Just wondering how this is going to be done? I don't have aim, do you need to have it to play against other players during the tourney. I need to experiment with the emulator to understand how you play via internet. What emulators do you guys use?

    pastor, ive got the official gens emu (v2, i believe, its the first on the downloads page) and snes9x...but im not much of a snes guy so dont just go by that if youre thinking of snesing. also, i would say you should get aim RIGHT THIS INSTANT, it's basically the only way we organize games here. while its not necessary to actually play games, it sure shaves off a lot of time if we're all on the same page for organizing.

    ps, if you need any help setting up or wanna play a test game, aim me at MeatSkid1. guaranteed itll be the best shot at a win youll ever have.

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