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  1. Similar to a trading block, post whoever you'd be willing to trade, and what you'd like to get in return


    Top five overall free pick (2nd round) is on the market...looking for a lot. Willing to package pretty much anyone on the team if necessary.

    EDIT: Duh-duh-duh-DEALT!

  2. Team Name: Lord of the Aftermath

    Logo: Toronto

    Colours: black, red trim

    Arena: FST Memorial Arena


    G 9 Cole Tilk

    G 1 Alex "Tony" Biondi

    LD 4 Luke Morassut

    RD 14 Steven Jevnikar

    D 6 Trevor Thompson

    D 40 Benoit Silcox

    LW 17 Matt Forbes

    C 8 Austin "Texas" Harriman

    RW 12 Drew "Bush" Vanderzyde

    EA 16 Sean Moore

    F 2 Zack "Pubes" Hubert

    F 10 Graeme Laberge

    I say, 5 min periods, no penalties, offsides.

  3. Agh, there's no way I'll be able to play before the deadline. Because I can see this happening a lot, and to be honest I just can't get "in" to this league (and also I will get whooped, throttled, etc.), I drop out. GGs.

  4. Valeri Kamensky and Mike Ricci really just make me want to tear my hair out sometimes. Especially Kamensky, who can make a miracle shot one moment then completely miss an empty net the next.

    Honorable mention:

    Adam Oates

    Theo Fluery(!)

    Coincidentally, both of these fellows were starters on my Blitz squad. :)

  5. Obviously, I'm slightly upset with this decision. Let me just get this out of my system before we move on.

    F***ING ASS C*** F***ER B**** DICK F*** F*** F*** S*** MONKEY ASS DAMN BIIIIIIIITCH!!!

    ...ah. Now, beyond that, I can see why this is a good system to keep a little team identity going, and I'm at least thankful I'll get a high 2nd round/whatever the first free round is pick. Plus, I'm kinda fond of Adam Oates, so it'll be nice to maybe guarantee him a spot on this team.

    So yeah, I'm sad I won't get a franchise guy, but I can see why this is kinda sorta good for the league.

    F*** F*** F*** F*** F*** F*** F*** F*** F*** F*** F*** F*** F*** F*** F*** F***!!!!!!!

  6. gotta go with the nords here. throwing ricci, sundin and sakic up front is just pure win on offence, and duchesne and leschyshyn (sic?) on D provide solid coverage, and some extra offensive threats. if only we could send hextall an intervention, this team would be domination on ice.

    This was my opinion from the old thread, back in the days when I hadn't thought of checking deeply for more backups (ie Kovalenko, Kamensky, Gusarov), and as well hadn't realized capatalization on the interweb was an option. I still stand by les Nords, though.

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