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  1. Jay just chalked it up right there. I had no D, and Gilmour was getting wrecked in Blitz exhibs. I posted in the trade talk, and Wags was the only one to respond. The only problem I see is my noobish prematurity in pulling the trigger. I see no reason to veto it, Smoz, unless my naivety is f-ing me over again, which I wouldn't doubt.

    Oates for a third rounder, on the other hand... :wacko:

  2. NY Islanders

    G - M. Vernon

    G - J. Reese

    D - M. Tinordi (trade with wags/TOR)

    D - E. Weinrich

    D - M. Petit

    D - S. Richer

    F - T. Fleury

    F - A. Oates (trade with shaft/VAN)

    F - C. Ruuttu

    F - D. Gagner

    F - A. Graves

    F - K. Miller

    Trade 1: NYI sends 3rd round pick to VAN for Adam Oates

    Trade 2: NYI sends Doug Gilmour to TOR for Mark Tinordi

  3. -------------------------------------------------------------------

    This is smozoma.

    Here is the draft order for Round 2.

    If you already made a protection pick in Round 1, you can't make one in Round 2.

    [1-21] - FLA - canadiensfan66 - A -

    [1-21] - HFD - donnybrook94 - B - ROBERTS

    [1-21] - DET - flamingpavelbure - A -

    [1-21] - MTL - Freydey32 - A -

    [1-21] - VAN - gihtarman - B -

    [1-21] - WSH - Hokkeefan2 - A -

    [1-21] - ANH - houlanov - B -

    [1-21] - STL - Iceguy94 - B -

    [1-21] - EDM - IcestormNHL94 - A -

    [1-21] - PIT - jrodimus31 - A -

    [1-21] - CGY - Rage93 - B - SUNDIN

    [1-21] - LA - rynweinmeyer - B -

    [1-21] - DAL - smozoma - A -

    [1-21] - PHI - snoboarder3211 - A -

    [1-21] - BOS - sonoffett87 - A -

    [1-21] - TOR - WagsTh - B -

    [1-21] - S.J - philiveyismyhero - B -

    [1-21] - NYR - boknowsnhl94 - A -

    [1-21] - QUE - IQ25Boogiers -

    [1-21] - WPG - vocally caged - A -

    [1-21] - CHI - Zalex1414 - B -

    [22] - NYI - MeatSkid1 - FLEURY

    [23] - N.J - chris1knights@hotmail.com - B - GARY SUTER


    to start the second, the New York Islanders select Theo Fleury

    nationals1 is the only other who needs to pick here, i believe...'cept for smoz's protection

  4. btw, iGaming League's IP address is that in the box that pops up when you click "enter IP"

    i highly, HIGHLY, HIGHLY reccomend you get aim though...and if you do, add me: MeatSkid1.

  5. Does playing on the mario kart team give you 'Jock' status or 'Band' status amoungst your peers?

    it hasnt got me anywhere with the ladies, that's for sure... <_<

    unfortunately, im the worst on our five man team...co-cap busher vanderzyde, on the other hand, is a monster...ill dial him up and see if hes in for it, too

  6. i pm'd him mr soul six days ago and still no answer

    tuba u said u would give him till saturday does this mean i advance:)


    hoopsrgreat and chris1knights, you move on. brackies updated, etc.

    but if one more person goes missing, i swear...argh...

  7. I can guarantee one result that won't happen in this years Stanley Cup:

    The Habs winning it.

    27 other results i guarantee wont happen:

    the devils winning it.

    the islanders winnning it.

    the flyers winning it.

    the rangers winning it.

    the blackhawks winning it.

    the predators winning it.

    the blue jackets winning it.

    the blues winning it.

    the bruins winning it.

    the maple leafs winning it.

    the sabres winning it.

    the senators winning it.

    the flames winning it.

    the avalanche winning it.

    the wild winning it.

    the canucks winning it.

    the oilers winning it.

    the thrashers winning it.

    the hurricanes winning it.

    the panthers winning it.

    the lightning winning it.

    the capitals winning it.

    the ducks winning it.

    the stars winning it.

    the kings winning it.

    the coyotes winning it.

    the sharks winning it.

    EDIT: dick move on my part. was trying to show wags something, but to be honest i cant quite remember what it was...so yeah. apoligies, and next time any of you are in london drinks are on me.

  8. i'm not even sure how anyone could even think of pittsburgh to win it.

    watching detroit, they've been a machine on ice out there. im not saying pittsburgh is lookin bad, im just saying that detroit is looking legendary.

    i say detroit in 6, although i wouldnt even be surprised to see a sweep.

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