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    For sure I tell you the secret :)
  1. I didn't even think GENS or SNES editing is possible Nor did I know there's some merging with GENS or SNES. So PC.
  2. Roms are legal if you own the game. But it's good to know the board's policy, much easier to decide what I can actually write here.
  3. Basically the reason I'm acting like I'm totally innocent, is that I'm new on this board and I don't want to break rules and get banned from here.
  4. Excluding that it is illegal, I wasn't able to find a torrent from anywhere.
  5. Ok, first of all, if this violates rules, just remove the thread. So I'm trying to find some place to buy NHL '97 for PC. Since I'm in Finland, I would prefer to either buy just the CD (in like papersleeve + bubble wrap envelopment) or then to make a deal that you sell me an image of original CD and you destroy any copy you have. Totally legal, as far as I know. I could pay with PayPal. The reason I don't use for example Ebay for this is that the mailing costs would raise to be at least triple the price of the game itself. If this kind of dealing here is not allowed, please point me where I
  6. First of all, I didn't do much yet in NHL'95, so it's ok if nothing can be done, but still, out of curiosity, I edited rosters and game says now "error while merging". Is there anything I can do? I checked all the team lines and there was no errors. Anything else?