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  1. Whoever did it last time on Long Island did a great job! Everyone there was great to meet. Im really looking forward to going again this year!
  2. I'm sorry guys what I meant is when you go to editing the players such as names and then their abilities you use a certain formula. I tried to use the same formula on NHL 93 and it wasn't working.
  3. I was wondering how to change the color of the stick from brown to black and tape from white to black?
  4. Is there a way to change the sticks color from brown to black, and tape from black to white???
  5. Can someone create the World Cup of Hockey 1996 ROM. I still remember till this day how great all of the teams were and how great the games were. I would appreciate it greatly. I would attempt it but im in no way NHL 94 Savy. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!