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  1. thegr8199 said:
    I dont mind Jamonica coming in if he doesnt quit mid-season, like he did in year 1. Out of all the people on the 'list', kgman and wags are in now and alot of the others I dont see around much, but JacketsZherdev. I say we either go with Jamonica or JacketsZherdev, depending on who dmitry think would be the best fit.


  2. thegr8199 said:
    I cant wait for the release of this ROM too because it will be great to use in the next 2007 league.

    The wboy ROM I updated isnt as clean because of my experience with NOSE.

    I know mack will have done a great job polishing his off.


  3. After a long layoff and computer trouble, I am back!

    Welcome back man- I think we totally pirated your effort in creating a NHL '94/2007ROM league. When nobody had heard from you for a long time, I tried contacting you about signing-up for Dallas (since new guys decided to take the ball and run with it). I guess your computer situation explains where you were. Well, welcome back B)

  4. I remember having this game for the hand-held Game Gear system. Played and looked pretty much the exact same way the console game did, if I remember correctly. Obviously, in much smaller dimensions. Was great to take NHL '94 on the road during long summer vacations, although I usually brought the Genesis console anyhow. Well, it was great having NHL '94 to play in the car during the trip! B)

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