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  1. addisonbr said:
    Is that true? Why does the NHL keep putting new teams in weird places in the States, and letting teams migrate from Canada to the US?

    I'm not doing this in any sort of taunting manner at all, I have no investment in it either way. I'm really asking, I know hockey is king in Canada emotionally but I was under the impression that the $$$ in the States was why the game has migrated so much.


  2. Carse said:
    You left the room 5 seconds after the game ended, giving me no chance to talk to you. You also were signed off AIM, and never got back on.


  3. Carse said:
    I would have made a big deal out of it, but I was honest enough to know that the connection was shitty. also, after the game you quit the game within 5 seconds of the final buzzer. You then were no where to be found on AIM, dispite us having another game to play. I just found it amusing how people will cop out of a game when they are losing, but when they are ahead they find no fault in logging a game.


    Carse said:
    also, after the game you quit the game within 5 seconds of the final buzzer.


  4. Would the proposed transaction window only allow trades of current players, or would it also allow swapping for the next season's draft picks?

    For example, you have a team that knows it won't be qualifying for the playoffs. Can this team sell off its assets to playoff-bound teams for draft picks in the next season's draft? Or is that going way outside of the box for what we're doing here?

    Anyways, I have no problem with a mid-season window, as long as it's not a huge holdup in getting guys to a certain number of games for the window to be activated. A concern would also be teams out of it just trading their good players to whomever they want, or unbalanced trades that would need to be reviewed by the league/commissioner...

  5. Unfortunately I wasn't abducted by the hooters girls whilst on a mission to save the presidents daughter, nor did I crash anything again...yet.

    Truth is I've been busy with work and am usually at the gym gettin all swole after work, and the gf got me my first dog since I left home, compounded with someone else in my family who died rendering me as the rock of gibraltar, so I haven't had much time to myself lately.

    Looks like guys have gotten some games in and I'll be investing some serious time over the weekend on the site and database.

    Glad to see you back around...

  6. HABS said:
    My picks tonight

    Toronto +103 @ Boston

    Philly -122 vs NYR

    NYI +141 @ Pitt

    Nashville -170 vs Chicago

    Buffalo +210 @ Ottawa

    San Jose -117 @ Phoenix

    LA -114 vs Anahiem

    Edmonton +146 vs Minnesota

    Buffalo probably a bad pick, and the isles I also doubt. We'll see how she goes.


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