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  1. An interview was posted over at operation sports about NHL14. Check out the last paragraph under "More To Come". What do you guys think?
  2. Tonights game is between Chicago and Detroit. The Blackhawks are trying to maintain a playoff spot. Can they fend off the Red Wings? Game 30 Summary.pdf
  3. Attached is a NHL 13 rom with updated rosters from the recent trade deadline. Teams offensive, defensive, PP, PK, Home, Away and overall ratings have been adjusted based on their performance so far this season. Hope you enjoy it. NHL 13.bin
  4. Tonights game is Montreal against Boston. The Canadiens are all but out of playoff contention, but they can still be spoilers to the Bruins. Can the Bruins stay in playoff contention with a win? Game 29 Summary.pdf
  5. Thanks for the suggestion Chaos. I totally didnt notice the similar problem posted above. I tried compatibility mode with both XP service packs and still having the same problem. If anyone is able to import save files with record keeper using windows 7, please let me know how you did it.
  6. As we enter the last week of regular season play in the FMSL, we kick things off with first place New York hosting second place Toronto. Will the Rangers extend their lead in the standings or will the Maple Leafs even out the standings? Game 28 Summary.pdf
  7. If anyone could help out. Whenever I try and import a saved game, I get a "Run-time error '76: Path not found" message and the program closes. I'm using windows 7.
  8. Standings and stats after week 3.
  9. The last game of the week is betwee Boston and Chicago. With only one week left in the regular season, teams will be playing hard to get into the playoffs. Game 27 Summary.pdf
  10. Tonights game features Montreal and Toronto. The Maple Leafs are competing for playoff seeding. The Canadiens are just trying to get out of last place. How will the game go down? Watch and see. Game 25 Summary.pdf
  11. The afternoon game is between New York and Boston. Both teams are tied at 4-3 and competing for first place. Who will come out ahead? Game 24 Summary.pdf
  12. Tonights game is between Chicago and Montreal. The Blackhawks have won 4 out of their last 5 games. The Canadiens havent quite got with a winning record this season. Maybe their luck will improve this game. Watch and see. Game 23 Summary.pdf
  13. This mornings game is Toronto against Detroit. After a dominate opening season, the Red Wings are on a 3 game losing streak. The Maple Leafs have also lost their last 2 matches. Which team will get back on the winning column. Game 22 Summary.pdf
  14. Tonights game has Boston visiting Detroit. After having a 3 game losing streak, the Bruins have won their last two games. Detroit on the other hand has lost their last two games. Will Boston continue the winning streak or will Detroit break out of their funk? Game 20 Summary.pdf