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  1. yea plabax sent me the link i just added everyone thanks for the help the both of you
  2. where should i post if i am looking for a game should i keep posting in this welcome rookies or is there a place it should be done and on that note if anyone wants to play im good for another half hour if your able AIM:
  3. i actually tried doing this like a year ago but thought it was to complicated for some reason and then i was actually watching some bo jackson vids on youtube and it was saying something about him getting the video game athlete award for tecmo bowl and i was thinking yea right roenick got that for 94 lol then i typed in nhl 94 online and brought me back full circle im glad i got back here i play nhl 13 alot and i got every copy for sega except 98 which im having so much trouble finding but yea sorry for the whole story haha glad to be apart me and my dad played the hell out of this game when i
  4. mine is coheedo i added you guys for the future
  5. Hi All New Here I Signed Up For The League And Am Looking Forward To This Nhl 94 Is Still My All Time Fave Hoping Someone Can Help Me Soon On Getting Connected To An Online Game So I Can Make Sure Im Ready For This Season Glad To Be Apart of This