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  1. Thanks Skip! Great to see most of my old buds still plugging along. Hoping to get RetroArch and Hamachi setup this week and get my ass whipped having only played vs the CPU or friends (pre-apocalypse) on my real GENS these last few years.
  2. This is my first post in a LONG time as I am trying to get back into online during shelter in place...this is AMAZING. Fantastic work, guys!
  3. Dude, I just popped in to see what was happening as I've been thinking about getting back online. I am so happy to hear you are good man. That is scary waiting to know one's fate. We are def getting farging old. Be well old boy. Still up the road in Wauconda here. Jags
  4. This is awesome work. Well done!
  5. GREAT idea man! I am in the kiddie/Halloween party boat but MAY be able to get down to Palatine on Sunday.
  6. Guys, I am on this week, please look for me to get games in - PLAB: I will be caught up by Checkpoint2. Been slammed with work.
  7. Guys, please use this ROM moving forward (until Plabs has actual ready) to build new ROMs. I had to re-update the changes I made to Buffalo after Ice fixed KG's roster using the ROM prior to mine last evening. This version has Buffalo AND KG's updates Ice made on his behalf. THX gdl13-aug13.bin
  8. New ROM with roster/line updates to BUF attached. gdl13-aug12.bin
  9. 1st/NCL LW - Wayne Gretzky C - Alexnder Mogilny RW - Evgeny Davydov RD - Doug Wilson LD - Gord Murphy G - JVB X - Joe Mullen 2nd LW - Evgeny Davydov C - Wayne Gretzky RW - Joe Mullen RD - Doug Wilson LD - Jamie Macoun X - Alexnder Mogilny
  10. I'm taking B. Marchment for Skip
  11. 11.3 revised -- Petr Nedved
  12. Ahh s**t. Was entering as Judd snuck in. Hold please
  13. 11.3 BUF F Chris Kontos
  14. 10.22 BUF D P. Stanton Edited to update pick. Galley available
  15. 10.19 Skip will take G Dom Roussel per his list UPDATED: I needed to refresh doc. Take Fiset here
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