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  1. this is an always will be a great game glad to see all yall still play . An have worked out the online play an great tutorials an everything. but ya just wanted say thank you for website an everything the admins do here . that an i cant wait to play hit me up im on discord
  2. I have wgens with kailerra umm. i donnu what yall use these days emu and what not wise if theres a link to all this info some one point me to it. im ready start playing online with yall and have some fun thank you to whoever could help me get going on here
  3. Ive played all systems online before through kailerra but that was 5 years ago. and just wondering if there has been any new clients for online play?? or what everyone is using currently for snes, nes, and gen. Thanks for any help. im online in kailerra now but there is like no servers just a few waiting games. nothing fun. lol