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  1. Thanks! Hello Gens C buds. I'm excited to go, so I'll post my schedule for the next few days here. Tonight, starting around 9 PM EST maybe earlier. Saturday will be spotty, again maybe around 9 or 10 EST. Sunday I'm around in the morning until noon. That said, whenever you see me online I am available to play. Thanks again and looking forward to playing you guys!

  2. It is discussed in the other thread, but I do think it is the more important matter.

    There should only be a certain number of leagues running at any given time.

    I do think that there should be more leagues for the middle-tier, beginner players - but nobody is going to spend much time putting together those web-sites.

    I'd also like to see more mini-tourneys, vs. full-on leagues.

    I've considered running a small 8-10 person draft tourney.

    I agree that a league for us beginners would be great, If I had the time/talent, I would totally put this together.

  3. Hey!

    I just found this site a little while ago, while googling NHL 94. 8 year old me spent countless hours on this amazing game, and I rediscovered it recently as I was emulating a few other Gens games. I am so pumped that there is a community that still loves and plays this game. I will be signing up for a league ASAP, but feel free to IM me for an exhib: meaneyac.