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  1. I understand Plabs logic, and I know he can be ridiculous at times, but this was a serious, and well thought-out post, and I think its wrong to just throw dirt on him here. When he pops off on aim, sure, go nuts, but keep in mind that plabs is one of the most knowledgable budz we have, and hes making some valid points.

    With that said, however, I am of the Raph and smoz faction. I like the randomness. Sometimes someone is just going to suck. Thats the poker element, and ultimately what makes something more exciting is that you can make all the right moves and still lose.

    Thats axiomatic of life. Mark Lesser is a genius.


    Nobody is going to be picking HFD, and even if someone plays with them.. then it's obviously for a challenge.

    As (correct me if I'm wrong…) the only person to ever pick HFD in classic, he's right.

    Edit: It should also be said that I would play classic no matter what changes ever happened. I'm always willing to concede to majority.

  2. Hamilton Tigers

    First Line
    LW - Cliff Ronning #7
    C - Tomas Sandstrom #17
    RW - V. Zelepukin #25
    LD - Steve Duchsene #28
    RD - Alexei Kasatonov #6
    G - Mike Vernon #30
    X - Terry Yake #26

    Second Line:
    LW - Terry Yake #25
    C - Cliff Ronning #7
    RW - Cliff Ronning #7
    LD - Greg Hawgood #20
    RD - Greg Hawgood #20
    G - Mike Vernon #30
    X - V. Zelepukin #25

    Not sure if I did that right, basically I want Yake to replace Ronning on injuries, Ronning to replace every other fwd injury. Hawgood to sub for both dmen.

  3. GDL feels like "the pros" to me because its set up like pro sports. Sometimes the tampa bay bucs just suck all season. If they want the lombardi, they have to do the work. I think thats the most fair possible. AND didn't we have a rd 1 upset this time????? I know its decently predictable, but thats because its a real, true test of skill.

  4. I want to voice my opposition. I'm sure many of the points have already been made, but here it is in my estimation.

    - I love GDL because its open season, and it gives me the chance to play the ELITES and make my game better. I, personally, ENJOY being matched w an elite in the 1st rd of playoffs

    - We already have that set up in classic, and if you notice, A vs. B championship is EXI ONLY. it does not determine the ultimate champ for classic, and I think theres a reason for that…. which is my next point.

    -I think its pretty fair to say that the B champ would PALE in comparison to the runner up, 3rd, and 4th place team owners from A.

    I want GDL to be an all in league. Its LITERALLY the only chance I have to seriously play elites in games that matter. If you take this away from me, you're taking away my only shot at playing top guys in important games. I firmly disagree with this.

    GDL is THE BEST of THE BEST. Please keep it that way.

    And to anyone who supports this…… if you think GDL is hard, thats because it is. Thats the REASON why its awesome. You want a crown? Step your game up then. Don't "Hillary" the rules to make winning easier.

  5. I've never had a problem meeting deadlines. I started all 3 leagues at the same time and finished them all, while working 60 hours a week and raising a kid. There truly is no excuse. You're either committed, or you're not. I am in favor of keeping the same formats, and just coming down MUCH harder on the slackers. Shouldn't even be any leeway. 2 missed deadlines and you're out.

  6. Team Name:

    First Line
    LW - Pat Lafontaine
    C - Pat Verbeek
    RW - Mark Messier
    LD - Teppo Numminen
    RD - Sergei Zubov
    G - Darren Puppa
    X - Vladimir Ruzicka

    Second Line:
    LW - Ruzicka
    C - Ruzicka
    RW - Ruzicka
    LD - Lachance
    RD - Lachance
    G - Puppa
    X - Messier

  7. JV selects Pat Verbeek

    -full disclosure, I chose Glen Wesley, then changed my mind shortly after. If -Anyone- takes issue with this I will gladly reverse my edit and take Wesley

    -got approval from The Clown, who was awake and acted as my consiglieri