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  1. JackVandal

    Surviving Summer

    dont know if i posted yet but im in
  2. JackVandal

    Controllers of the Stars

    IMO, the biggest take-away from this is that Ice pulls off those dirty backhand-pass-shots w that controller
  3. JackVandal

    Controllers of the Stars

    you're obviously immortalized, stop being modest lulz
  4. JackVandal

    King of 94 II - Who's going?

    yeah like me
  5. JackVandal

    Schedule Games w/ JV

    My work schedule has been a major impediment to my vhl activity, so trying to be proactive. Lets schedule some games, I basically need everyone. Feel free to post here, PM me on forums, or PM me on discord.
  6. JackVandal

    Summer League

    in, will play anything
  7. JackVandal

    Overseas games and laggy connections

    Aqua should be player of the year every year
  8. JackVandal

    VHL4 Lines

    u can keep my lines as is, just change huberdeau's #11 to #13.
  9. JackVandal

    VHL4 Draft

    jv takes erik karlsson
  10. JackVandal

    VHL4 Draft

    JV takes minnesota for petes sake
  11. hey atomic is out of the community for a while. we tried to schedule games for weeks w no success. im still in if we FF him
  12. JackVandal

    VHL 4 - League Registration

    Happy to be back. Brute league softened me to wbf, now im ready again lol
  13. atomic and i are still trying to play the games. is this still happening?
  14. JackVandal

    VHL 4 - League Registration

    JV coming back for vhl4 if theres a slot for me
  15. JackVandal

    Exi ROM

    Few edits from version b etb_preseason_01c.bin