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  1. dont know if i posted yet but im in
  2. IMO, the biggest take-away from this is that Ice pulls off those dirty backhand-pass-shots w that controller
  3. you're obviously immortalized, stop being modest lulz
  4. My work schedule has been a major impediment to my vhl activity, so trying to be proactive. Lets schedule some games, I basically need everyone. Feel free to post here, PM me on forums, or PM me on discord.
  5. Aqua should be player of the year every year
  6. u can keep my lines as is, just change huberdeau's #11 to #13.
  7. JV takes minnesota for petes sake
  8. hey atomic is out of the community for a while. we tried to schedule games for weeks w no success. im still in if we FF him
  9. Happy to be back. Brute league softened me to wbf, now im ready again lol
  10. atomic and i are still trying to play the games. is this still happening?
  11. JV coming back for vhl4 if theres a slot for me
  12. Few edits from version b etb_preseason_01c.bin
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