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  1. Playing NHL 94 on Gens. Is there an in-depth breakdown of the attributes themselves? How they affect your abilities, how they dictate the AI's tendencies? Like does shot power affect pass power or is that solely handled by the pass accuracy attribute? Stuff like that. Yeah. Stuff. Also, I was wondering if there's a specific attribute that speaks to the ability to be checked and not fall down(or do the wobble dance, Sherman Shuffle, etc)? I'm sure there's other factors like the opponent's checking rating, speed, angle and whatnot. There are some players I just cannot knock down no matter what.
  2. I've figured it out.
  3. What's up man. Thx 4 the reply. I can't figure out how to get a .bin to work. What steps are necessary or can you point me toward a convo that explains it?
  4. I have gens32. I wanna play some updated versions of NHLPA 93. Where can I find them? Which ones are best? Which are most fun/your fave? Also, I'm curious about the ability to play these games(or any variation) online. Where should I go to learn more/make it happen? P.S. I am willing to work w a diff emu if needed. thank