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  1. is my AIM btw.
  2. for anyone keen!
  3. Alright - I'm hot to trot! How do I get amongst it? Anyone up for a game?
  4. Hey guys, I am absolutely blown away - I have just discovered this forum after some 21+ years of being in love with the beautiful mistress that is NHL '94! I remember as a kid me and my brothers receiving NHLPA 93 on SNES for Christmas and loving every second of it. Although I grew up in Australia where it was 40 degrees Celsius for Christmas, that day felt like I was in the Bell Centre on a -40 degree day watching exciting hockey. That day was only surpassed 12 months later when we unwrapped NHL '94, where we discovered the beauty of a perfectly executed one-timer and the versatility that the 'edit lines' function offered (by that stage I had chosen Vancouver as my team - for no specific reason - and Trevor Linden's laser beam shot meant that he HAD to start for me when the 94 version rolled around, sorry Geoff Courtnall). Anyway, as I said - I am amazed that this place exists. I fell upon this place by chance as I recently purchased a USB controller for my computer as my SNES recently shat itself and I found this site by trying to find a ROM for the game. I would LOVE for someone to talk me through the next stages so that I can play some peeps online. As I said - I have the controller, the ROM, the emulator (SNES9x) and I'm ready to roll. I've had a look around the forums but it's al a bit overwhelming at the moment so I don't know what to do next. Cheers boys.