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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Rewinders! Here's a first look at Rewind's complete player database, see attached file. It is only checked by me so I can not guarantee that everything is correct, if you find something wrong, feel free to tell me and I will change. The list is in its simplest form, with two tabs divided outfield players and goalies. Rating is 0-6 except for weight which is 0-15. 25 goalies had half values (on overall rating) (eg 84.5) and then it is rounded up to the nearest whole number. Speaking of goalies, it can be stated that the goalie level has risen significantly! In the original game, there are 8 goalies with 70 or more in rating, and in Rewind there are a total of 17! The average value of the goalkeepers in the original database is 56.7 distributed among 55 goalies, while the average value of Rewind is 63.66 distributed among 66 goalies. So it should generally be a little harder to score on Rewind compared to the original game... As a Swede, I keep an extra eye on the Swedish players and can state that Anton Blidh, Boston, is the lowest ranked player in the entire database (29), and that Robin Lehner, Vegas, is the heaviest goalkeeper (12)! For those who like snipers (like me), there are three players who have maximum value in shooting strength and shooting precision (6/6) (Alex Ovechkin, Shea Weber and Auston Matthews) and that there are two Swedes among the 15 players in total who have at least 5/5 shots (Viktor Arvidsson and Elias Pettersson) And last, and perhaps most importantly, speed. There is only one player with 6 agility and 6 speed, Mr McDavid .. and only 4 players in total have 6 speed ... McDavid, Barzal, Byron and of course a Swede! Carl Hagelin. That Hagelin has 2 in all other values (except 4 agility) we ignore right now ;-) / Limpan Rewind-database-v1.xlsx
  2. Ive been working on a project that will hopefully help with other members with future projects, and mods/hacks. I've compiled all the roms from the forums @clockwise @naples39 @mitch13 @skip, and outside sources to create a NHL database that will hold all the NHL players careers in. If you looking for the following, you will find it here: Player ratings from 1951-2022 Player Attributes from 1951-2022 Player Salaries from 1918-2022 (based on previous year results, which are available also) Conversion from NHL95 to NHL94 and vice versa. If there is other details you wanting to add, please let me know. The link is below. Player DB 1918-2022 - Google Sheets
  3. Hi community I have unresonably high amout of played games for boston chk attached files. In standings it shows 135 games and in team its 240. This is a game from original CD with original db. Never hapend back in the days. I have been using wnhlinfo but not on these leauges. This hapends every time. Have tried 5 leauges now. Anyone have any idees?? THEMASK NSN - SLI - BLADE
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