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Washington takes up the broom.

The Russian Rocket

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Game 1

12-2 Washington

In a brutal display of force, the Washington Capitals scored 8 goals in the first period, all but one of these belonged to Cam Neely, he finished the night with 10 goals and 1 assist. Tikkanen was the feeder in this one with 6 passes, along with 2 goals, Ranford also did a good job of slamming the door, with an 85 save %. Both goalies of Winnipeg goaled in an awful way, as Tom Draper and Cujo combined for 40 save %, the Sandman and Paulcopter were the only scores for the Jets.

Game 2

7-4 Washington

Again the caps took a commanding lead, with a cannon 6-0 debut. The Caps' forwards split all those goals, as Neely took 4, followed by Ulf the Owl with 2 and Mad Finn with 1 goal, even tough he was the main pointer with 6 points. Tomas Sandstrom later woke up in that game, with some light out of that tunnel, with 4 goals, but it was already too late. Cujo and Bill were both terrible in that game, both showing 50% or less in save percentage.

Game 3

6-5 Washington

Game 3 was the story of pretty much everyone, as everyone gave a hand in both teams to work, Winnipeg trying to swing the series around at Home, and Washington trying to keep the pace. Ulf Dahlen got the last word, in a late 3rd period scoring a powerplay goal, off the only penalty in the game, took by Mikhail Tatarinov, a 2 minutes for charging Clam Chowda in the back. Both goalies gave theyr team a chance to win with 65% save on average

Game 4

9-3 Washington

Clam Chowda quickly set the tone on that game, by injuring Tomas Sandstrom, with 15 seconds into the game. The tiki warrior and the Swedish Owl took the job on the PK scoring two goals. After that it was the Caps' affair, taking a commanding 6-0 lead. The caps just dominated in this game outshoting winnipeg 18 to 8. Sergei Nemchinov did good on his 1st playoff apearance with 3 points, but it was too less too late.

Capitals take the series in 4 and Advance to Conference Finals.

Good Series VC

Best of luck to others.


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