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Forward Rankings in Review (GENS)


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Forward Rankings

The first of a series of quick reference pages where I recap the team ratings at every position, their ranking, and a quick blurb about the team.

1. Detroit (10/10) - Three non-heavyweight, slick skating, snipers, that can do it all. Yzerman and Ciccarelli are top 10 forwards.

2 (Tie). Chicago (9.5/10) – Led by the ultimate player, Roenick does get a helping hand from Larmer, not much else after that.

2 (Tie). Vancouver (9.5/10) – Bure and Ronning are super fast two way players, best duo in the league perhaps?

4 (Tie). Quebec (9/10) – Sakic and Sundin can snipe lights out while Kovalenko turns out the lights on defense.

4 (Tie). Calgary (9/10) – Fleury is a major force, Roberts, Makarov, and Reichel fill out a top tier line.

4 (Tie). Los Angeles (9/10) – Gretzky gets to feed mega snipers in Sandstrom and Robitaille or the speedster Granato.

4 (Tie). Buffalo (9/10) – Hawerchuk, Mogilny, and Lafontaine provide dangerous two way threats, chemistry can be an issue.

8. Dallas (8.5/10) – Fast and light, Dallas lacks the shooting and passing skills of the teams ranked ahead of them

9. Montreal (8/10) – Savard, Lebeau, Leeman, and Damphousse can make a super bug line, weak on shot power.

10. Toronto (7.5/10) – Gilmour can do it all, Borshevsky helps; can Cullen or Andersson pitch in?

11 (Tie). Philadelphia (7/10) – Eklund and Recchi are an underrated 1-2, 3rd forward spot is a major concern though.

11 (Tie). New York Islanders (7/10) – Speed, shooting, passing, all covered here, a little soft on defense with no weight buggers.

13 (Tie). Winnipeg (6.5/ 10) – Selanne is the man, Davydov and Borsato struggle with consistency.

13 (Tie). Boston (6.5/10) – Can get defensive with Juneau and Donato, no top end talent limits offense.

15 (Tie). St. Louis (6/10) – Defensive specialist Emerson needs help on offense, Hull and Shanahan can try to the fill void or Bassen gets inserted to add even more defense.

15 (Tie). Edmonton (6/10) – Klima is an offensive whiz, Todd can punish on defense, Simpson can snipe, everything is reliant on Klima in the end.

15 (Tie). Washington (6/10) – Bondra brings super speed to the table every game, if Khristich meshes, Washington may have something going.

15 (Tie). New York Rangers (6/10) – Tikkanen and Messier provide limited support to the All-Star talents of Gartner.

19. Hartford (5.5/10) – Steady duo of Verbeek and Sanderson can surprise, 3rd forward is a major weakness.

20 (Tie). New Jersey (5/10) – Bunch of pluggers surrounding lone offensive talent of Richer.

20 (Tie). Tampa Bay (5/10) – Bradley supported by mediocre offensive talent, defense can be punishing.

22. Pittsburgh (4.5/10) – Stocked with fat, average skating, non-supremely skilled forwards, this Mario isn’t super.

23. San Jose (3/10) – Painfully medicore.

24. Anaheim (2/10) – Yake and Semenov are lone bright spots on team.

25. Ottawa (1.5/10) – Able to mix and match garbage, maybe it’ll stink a little less with right combo?

26. Florida (.5/10) – I was feeling charitable, gave them half point based on fact they start the game with 3 forwards.

When doing the ratings for each team I wasn’t being extremely scientific about the process, in the end, I’m fairly happy with how everyone placed, perhaps a few teams should move up or down a bit, but I don’t see anything too egregious.

Let the debate Begin!

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No, AJ. Giving Florida a whole point is charitable. A half point just isn't cutting it. :huh: Poor bastards.

Winnipeg: Poor Zhamnov. No love for the guy? :(

Detroit, Vancouver, Chicago, Quebec, Los Angeles, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal all have depth on this position. With the right motivation in using them and the skills, they'll serve up their A-game.

Washington has a hidden gem in forwards, but I'm betting AJ will show it once he's posted the Capitals.

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Winnipeg and Hartford = Big time underates. Zhamnov instead of Borsato...!

Looking back, Winnipeg is one team I'd probably give a small nudge to, a 7, perhaps a 7.5 because Selanne is top 5 in the game and the support isn't awful.

Zhamnov is a bit of an acquired taste, he isn't for everyone, but you and a few others seem to get him going just fine.

As far as Washington goes iceguy, they have a couple of pieces, but it still pales to the rest of the league.

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