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I've been making some pretty cool videos of me playing the SNES version lately, so I figured I'd post them here.

The Accomplishments

-World Record For Most Goals Scored

This is sadly an unofficial world record, since I did it on ZSNES and not on a real system. But when I can get my SNES set up again and figure out how I can record it, I'll try for the official record

-Winning a Game With Only 2 (bad) Goalies as (awful) Skaters

I thought this was damn near impossible until I pulled it off earlier today. This was done with a mod I created, which gives you a 1 on 5 situation when you play as the Sharks. The starting center is goalie Arturs Irbe, and pulling the goalie gets you backup goalie Jeff Hackett as the extra skater. Loads of fun.

Also won the cup on toxic's Pittsburgh 1 on 5 mod with 2 skaters and no goalie, but I forgot to record it. May do it again later

Random Videos

Nothing groundbreaking, but it was pretty hilarious at the time.

Anyone have some crazy suggestions for what I should do next?

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you posted part two twice and that is not the world record. nothing groundbreaking is right, but thank you, nonetheless.

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Thanks for the tip on the bad link, fixed it up for you. Also, I just went by the official record on the Twin Galaxies web site, so if there's another one out there I'd love to beat it. I know that I could realistically get 57 or 58 so if it's in that range I look forward to it.

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well, I can put up around 120, which is almost exactly the same rate, but I think "record" levels of goals would be 130ish (65ish, for you). 57 is quite a lot, though. good stuff.

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