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My league rom for 2015 (Penguins broken up)


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For my next NHL92 league, I have decided to break Pitt up into 4 teams along some objective lines. My new league rom will have South Pittsburgh, North Pittsburgh, East Pittsburgh and West Pittsburgh.

South Pittsburgh has the 3 centers, minus Mario as their starting wings and center, and regular goalies. Extra players are cloned from Philadelphia.

North Pittsburgh is basically Mario added at LW to Quebec.

East Pittsburgh consists of Pitt's 3 right wings, and 2 right defensemen. Goalies and backups are clones from NJ, using the Wales slot on the rom.

West Pittsburgh consists of Pitt's 3 left wings and 2 left defensemen. Goalies and backups are clones from SJ, using the Campbell slot on the rom.

In my league Pitt has won the title 5 of 7 seasons, and played in the finals 6 of 7 seasons.

I think this is better than just banning Pitt as we considered doing, and this adds 3 new decent teams. This gives the rom 13 decent teams, compared to the previous 10.

I am planning on holding my league in late summer/early fall as of right now.

NHL92 League2015(BP)B.bin

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