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  1. IN! B/C......wherever I am best wanted/needed
  2. Hey guys, just curious if anyone by chance did an NHL 95 rom for 2020? Would be cool to play a season with the updated rosters. Let me know thanks!
  3. 7.12 Pittsburgh welcomes back James Neal
  4. 5.4 Pittsburgh welcomes Brayden McNabb to bust jaws alongside Zdeno Chara
  5. 4.5 Pittsburgh selects hometown boy G - John Gibson (Baldwin, PA)
  6. LABS_66 trades picks 6.2 and 6.4 to Tex for 4.5 and 8.9
  7. 2.8 Pittsburgh welcomes back the man beast Zdeno Chara
  8. 2.4 Pittsburgh selects the second half of the two-headed monster......Evgeniii Malllllkinnnn
  9. 1.4 Pittsburgh proudly selects Mario......oh wait no, the OTHER best player in the world......Sidneyyyyyy Crrrrosby!
  10. PITTSBURGH PENGUINS LW- Makarov C- Sakic RW - Zhamnov LD - Konstantinov RD - Kasparitis G - Belfour X - Thomas
  11. Eh......just knock Gay Ray on his ass.....no problem
  12. Thanks! It under all-time user standings on the main page..... http://www.nhl94online.com/html/allstats.php
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