[MD/SFC] ROM Hack Hardware Compatibility List (Testers Welcome!)

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With the Generation IV Gaming on Hardware craze still being very well among us in Present~Time, I would not be surprised if some of you happen to play the ROM hacks on here via means of the original hardware through use of either a Flash Cart or the various Everdrives that you could get online.

What has been expressively noticed throughout the past matter of years with the Everdrives, however, is the fact that although you may play the majority of the Genesis, Megadrive, Super Nintendo, and Super Famicom's original titles on an NTSC~U or NTSC~J console with the Everdrive MD, Mega Everdrive, and Super Everdrive on their respective consoles, we sadly cannot play certain ROM hacks of select titles without them crashing or getting an Address Error somewhere along the way; apparently, the information on here regarding this for NHL ROM hacks is rather minimal, hence why I had decided to make this thread in the first place for those that might want to discuss this.

This thread is made with the sole purpose of attempting to archive the information on how each ROM hack of NHL Hockey '92 to NHL '98 (GS/MD) and NHLPA Hockey '93 to NHL '98 (SNES/SFC) work on the original hardware through means of Flash Carts and the Everdrives. so that the information on any issues that they might have while running on a Flash Cart or ED is stored on here and able to help those playing on consoles to know why a game might not work or will function oddly at certain points in time.

Those of you who are able to test on hardware may mention your findings here, and I will update this post to mention the stance of how each hack works, including the new ones that come out at their respective times.

Below will be two lists, one for the Genesis and Megadrive, and the other for the Super Nintendo and Super Famicom.

I also have a colour code listed below to indicate what the condition of each hack is rendered as based on information by testers; you may use this to understand matters with a hack, if it be applicable towards it, and also if there are extra requirements to run it.

~ Navy indicates that the hack works perfectly on hardware.

Not a single error or crash present except for those that were common in the original games' ROM or ROM hack template.

~ Emerald indicates that the hack works well on hardware, but does have occasional glitches (ones that were not present in the original games, bear in mind) that will come up from time to time, nothing game~breaking though.

~ Maroon indicates that the hack will crash on actual hardware, it also will indicate that there are game~breaking glitches that were not in the originals that could negatively affect gameplay and/or select features and settings.

~ Plum indicates that the hack exceeds the 6024 KB limit of the original Genesis and Megadrive carts and might not work properly on hardware, key word being "might", depending on what is used to play it.

In the event that it does work on hardware, then it might require either special accessories or an Everdrive to run it, which will be mentioned in the respective listing for that title; glitches and crashes that are found will be mentioned accordingly.

~ Black indicates that the hack does not work at all on hardware, even with Flash Carts and Everdrives, and they will be rendered an Emulator Exclusive.

Most ROM hacks that exceed the I0240 KB data limit of the Genesis and Megadrive will get listed under this colour as well; they probably might require a special emulator to run them, if that be mandatory.

The lists will begin below, they will be updated accordingly as more information on other hacks' conditions on hardware is delivered to here.

Details will be presented as "Title of Game (Tested by 'Name of Tester'): Glitch, error, and hardware requirement details." for each title, respectively.

Sega Genesis/Megadrive:

~ NHL '98: MIAA Setup Edition (Tested by me): The Damaging and Fighting penalties will garble up the graphics, due to a registration error with displaying certain time values, of which is easily fixed by going in and out of the Pause Menu.

The Power Play Timer will also occasionally become soft~locked at 00'00"00, but this glitch is extremely rare to get and does not deliver a common problem with the gameplay (although that team will be down a player for the rest of that respective game); might require MegaKey and/or a Super 032X to play on Everdrive MD via NTSC~U, PAL (Europe), PAL (Asia), and NTSC~K consoles.

Super Nintendo/Super Famicom:

No titles are available for this list at this time.

Please check back at a later point.

Wishfully, this will help out those that are attempting to play our projects and hacks on actual hardware, knowing about how each ROM hack plays on the original consoles will definitely allow a lot of people to be able to know what to expect if they intend to put these titles on a Flash Cart or Everdrive for such playing luxury.

As I have stated above, if you are a tester for ROM hacks on actual hardware by means of Flash Carts and Everdrives, then please do drop a comment in here regarding what you know about how each title functions, anything to expand the list to make it as complete as probable; the more hacks that we could list down and know how they function, the better it will be for new hardware players and what we could do to optimize games that do not work properly; it truly will be worth the time spent, that's for sure. (:

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