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VHL7 Team Selection Draft


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Here is the info for team selection draft, Exi ROM and Excel sheet with all team and player info also attached.


Team Selection Order:
1.       Spaceghost - Tampa Bay 

2.       Chef - Philadelphia

3.       GoCanes - Washington

4.       Bear - Montreal

5.       Kuefner - NY Islanders

6.       Jer - Toronto

7.       Flatcrusher - Winnipeg

8.       AtomicRaven - Columbus

9.       AquaLizard - Boston

10.   Buc - Nashville

11.   AdamWoodrow - Pittsburgh

12.   Skip - San Jose

13.   Tex - Colorado

14.   Dcicon - Edmonton

15.   Lupz - Calgary


The order was done by grouping 5 players each into 3 tiers. Those 5 players were then given 1 ball and each tier was randomly generated for the final draft order.

Roster Note: I made an edit at 10:55pm on 2/27 to fix an error on Mrazek. It is now accurate. 1 person downloaded it since I last updated it ~20 mins prior.





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