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VHL 8 Signups & Info

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Hey guys, we'll be starting VHL8 draft and beginning league play before the end of the month. We've been running it with 12-15 guys that are dedicated to finish the whole season to 100% completion, and I'm again open to adding new guys if it makes sense for the league.

Please reach out to me if you want to join. VHL8 will be approx. 26-40 game season and regular season will be ~1.5 month long with playoffs immediately to follow.

15 GM's -  We have AtomicRaven, AquaLizard, AdamWoodrow, Jer33, Chefstar88, Dcicon, Flatcrusher, TheRexerShow, & Skip returning. New coaches are DanTML7, Chris O, Schmidt, Seventieslord, Mr.T and OKBoehmer.

Replacement Coaches - WallyWojo, SpaceGhost, Jesusplaysnhl94, TripleA, Corbettkb


Draft Lottery - Sun. January 12th

Draft - Sun. January 12th thru Sat Jan. 18th

Exihibitions & Trades: Post-Draft to Begin Reg Season

Begin Regular Season - Sun. January 26th

Reg. Season Ends - Approx. March 8th

Playoffs - Immediately following Reg Season

Rosters - 6 fwds, 4 dmen, 2 goalies for 12 total rounds of drafting.

More to come...

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V2 is the exi ROM - 


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