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Absence of proper arena organ music

Edge of '94 Midwest

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I've had some considerable time recently with both the retail release, as well as our Genesis rom hack thanks to Indio.

One of my favorite features of OG NHL94 is the custom arena organ music.  That seems to have been mostly, if not completely eliminated in the retail release.  Instead, more neutral "Let's go(insert team name here)" type of music is played.

Off the top of my head I did not hear the San Jose Sharks' "Jaws" or Chicago Blackhawks' "Here Come the Hawks" tunes being played at any point.

I wonder if copyright, even in organ form was an issue for this release.  It's a disappointing oversight.

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Copyright law restricts many companies because you can get a huge fine because of copyright infringement. But I think this is right because an intellectual product needs to be protected. If you want to use someone's creation, you must pay for it. I'm a musician, and I play the piano. I'm a fan of classical music; it's a love I've had since I was a kid. I have a very expensive piano that I inherited from my grandmother. I have ensured the piano against all accidents. I rarely upload my tunes to the platforms because I fear someone will steal them from me.

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