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So I've played a game of NHL 95 once every now and then (with a year between each try or so) but a couple of days ago I decided to play a bunch of games and see if I could come into it. I played the genesis version like crazy back ~10 years ago and liked it a lot. The season mode was awesome back then.

The animations are really weird, and the sound effects are just plain bad imo. If you make a quick shot it still plays a slapshot animation, I guess it doesn't matter too much but it looks odd! The only thing I can really count as good in the game is that it has a season mode. Heh. Well no, the practice mode where you can set exact number of players, that is so frickin' cool. In genesis you could only chose from 0-2 players on each team (at least in Elitserien), but on snes you can chose to play against a whole team as just a goalie! :blink:

One thing that was cool in gens was the A-button, which, if you were going towards the net and pressed it, the player would deke (if he was in the offensive zone) but if you pressed the opposite direction you would make a drop pass, which worked excellent! I've never seen that in any other hockey game... That thing was a very good sulotion to the "hooking" button.. And out of the offensive zone you'd dump the puck in like in the other games.

Don't think I will spend any time with this game though. Sure, you can do pretty random goals, which is good of course but there's a lot missing for med to like it "overall". Mainly small things, but that's usually what lets me down, all of the more recent games has something that's annoying as hell.

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