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BOS Gens C Road Game Skunk Streak


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Boston Globe:

Coach of BOS kupuck19 is having trouble getting the W on the road. BOS as yet to be able to prove themselves to be able to win on the road(being 0-6). Coach kupuck19 stated, "We need to be able to kick those bus legs out of our system before the first period. Too many times on the road we go down in the first, and are not able to gel as a team until late second or in the third." Adam Oates also commented, "It is always tough to go into the other team's barn and be able to come out on top. But we have the talent to do it, we all need to start stepping up and focusing on what we need to do off the first drop to win."

The Bruins were almost able to end the streak in HockeyTown Detroit, Mich. But experienced a late melt down in the third which lead to an OT loss. Goaltender Andy Moog commented after the game, "We were up 2-0 and thought we had the game in the bag. Wesley and Bourque were doing a good job of covering the middle to eliminate the Red Wings' offensive chances. At the end we made the mistake of sitting back." Coach kupuck blames himself for the lack of leadership. "As a team we need to play all three periods of hockey, meaning we play hard when the clock says 5:00 minutes in the first to when the clock says 0:00 in the third. In this league you can't sit back entirely, you have to stay strong on the defensive side of things."

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C'mon, Burnsie, this game was before gary "buttman's" influence really started to f with the game.

For example:

"Let's send everybody home happy by giving both teams a point for just making it to OT!"

"Let's discourage the goalies from handling the puck by restricting their zone!!"

"We don't really need ESPN, right?"

Or my personal favorite:

"Fighting is bad, there's no place for it in the NHL."

Glow puck, anyone?? :):angry:

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