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  1. DreamcastBoy99

    Meet the DCB99

    Lizard,while i use fusion for most games I'm going to switch to Gens just for playing with everyone here....since the Jackets didn't exist yet I use the Leafs instead
  2. DreamcastBoy99

    Meet the DCB99

    But I like to RP however I do love my Jackets
  3. DreamcastBoy99

    Meet the DCB99

    Hello NHL 94 community my name is Ethan, aka DreamcastBoy99 but you can call me DCB99 or DCB or just plain Ethan. I discovered this game when I was about 6 or 7, when a friend of mine let me borrow his SNES... however, almost a decade later i decided to give the Sega CD version a spin and liked it. I'm from Ohio, where we didn't get a real team until 2000. however when I was too young to remember I saw a Bombers game...(RIP hockey in Dayton) I'm here to explore ROM hack roster updates and meet more people who think NHL 94 is amazing...