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  1. Sequence 2.mp4 I struggle to find the words to thank you . I have received so much joy from this mod . Any content your willing to share or if you need anything to help make that happen please let me know !!!
  2. Ok so .... the dos version of NHL hockey has the timeout icon next to the clock . The 95 dos version does not . This would indicate that there is a way to call time outs in the original PC version for sure .
  3. Hey Sparky thanks so much for this awesome mod. Was really hoping to see the Cowboys as per the picture in there and would have loved to have the Ottawa Nationals and the Racers for sure.( how could you not put the Racers with Gretzky in there ) I understand its a lot of work but any chance we could see an entire WHA team list with all the folded teams just for fantasy league play ??? I may play around with some editing stuff in the near future myself .Thought it was cool that with the NHL teams you didnt crop a WHL team over i was able to play some inter league matches. Again than
  4. Every version of this game has the ability to call timeouts to refresh your players so there has to be a way !
  5. Rumor is you can call timeouts anyone confirm this please ???
  6. U also can hook or slash by pressing both buttons simultaneously on defense