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  1. Was there an updated NHL 96 or 97?
  2. I would definitely play this ROM. NHL ('94, '96, '97) and NBA Jam TE (Genesis) are my most-played sports games.
  3. Hi. I forgot to mention it appears to be a bug in the original game. There is a thread about it here where someone proposes using Game Genie codes to fix it, but I have not had luck using them. I only recently ran into it on your ROM while running a playoffs with two players. I was hoping it was fixable with code. BTW, I love your mod. I've played about 40+ games with this and your previous end-of-season version.
  4. Loving this. Is there a way to fix the playoffs two players as teammates bug that the game has?
  5. I would love a Genesis NHL '97 roster and team update. I mostly play '96 and '97 due to their gameplay changes and features (i.e. seasons) over '94.
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