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  1. It's simply founded by Google....... gametronik... download ISO! Try to install it on Windows 7 and with DosBox 0.74! I thinks i can mount thie ISO and install from this without problems.....
  2. It's better the ZIP posted here in first post or this ( ??? Thanks for info
  3. I can't understand... it's for NES or PC Version ??
  4. Hy boys... i have downloaded this game from "Abadonware Paradise" but i have a little problems... i have some error when i try to run this game with DosBox and i can't edit the Lines of my Team because the game goes in crash and i return to prompt of DosBox...... i can help me ??
  5. mmmm.. from this site i can download the GENS version of NHL95.. not PC version....
  6. Ooh... thanks for info..... For now i try to use the roster in this RAR File
  7. Hi boys... i'm new here, i'm already download NHL 95 for PC from "Adandonware Paradise" and now i have try to play it with DosBox This is a very FUNNY Game!! I'm a FAN of NHL 93 and now i have try to play this NHL 95 but i have a question: I can upgrade my Roster with 2006-2007 Original Nhl ??? Thanks for any reply.