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  1. wheres this rom at from clockwise ?Im a member of nhl91 and i dunt see it newhere on the site
  2. whos got the link to download it cuz i signed up on nhl91.com and it isnt there
  3. how come none of these roms are done yet im done mine LOL in 2 weeks, just need a title screen
  4. wat up again I decided to make an NHL 11 genesis rom cuz no else has i dont think neway. Ive done all the rosters,and jerseys so far.All thats left is making sure theyre all the proper shot. THE MAIN REASON I AM POSTING THIS IS, I don't know how to use the hex tile or w/e to make an updated title screen. So the game will still have the Tavares 2010 title. If ne wants to help me out with this wud really appreciate.thanks
  5. Hey my apologies, i noticed myself boston and calgary's goaltending wasnt updated either lol im a dope head what u want from me nhl 94 all timers.bin
  6. damn i thought i made those guys lefties
  7. here you go it's taken me 2 weeks, i hope u enjoy.. Top teams 84 oilers,94 rangers,93 Pens. (EDIT: see post 4 for update) nhl 94 all timers.bin
  8. its a request,,,,, im dun all the rosters and uniforms etc
  9. i dont know how to use the hex pro tile s**t somebody help me make this rom authentic by changing some of the logos and maybe a title screen. Thanks
  10. wat up yall,im am in the works with a new rom its guna have the best roster from each franchise in the new 30 team based game. ie: the 94 rangers vs 83 Islanders or 07 Hurricanes vs 96 Panthers etc. So far ive completed the 94 rangers,94 canucks,2000 Devils ,67 Leafs,96 panthers,07 Hurricanes,87 Oilers 92 Pittsburgh.More to come
  11. hey im a member in the forums used to be coach of the rangers couple years ago,,, if im a member in the forums does that mean im registered in the league or is there a diffrent reg. for that all together????
  12. i wanted to know when the next league starts for either gens or snes,,,also do u guys still use aol?
  13. yo yo im new and i need to pass the test to make the elaugue hopefully as the rangers whos up for the test
  14. yo im a newbie and i need my evaluation whos up for it
  15. i jus got all signed up nd good to go i picked rangers flames sabers
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