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  1. So it looks like the last post I made on here was 2011 so I guess it's been a while I've been playing leagues on here since... 2003-ish? Looks like things have changed a lot! Love that we're now using Discord instead of AIM Once I get my NHL rig setup again for online play I'll be looking for some exhibition games, and then to try to re-learn how to play the game again. I haven't played NHL94 at all in years!
  2. Had to drop out of SNES B. I was already behind in games, and had some controller issues. Windows is such an absolute pile of s**t... ugh. I'd plug in my super smartjoy, and device manager would throw an error. So it was time to give it up and give my spot to somebody on the waiting list (who apparently went out and finished all their games.. holy crap!) I don't know why anyone still uses such an ancient computing platform... absolutely mind boggling.
  3. Holy christ, he finished all 40 games already?? Well done, sir! I'm glad I gave up my spot to somebody with your kind of dedication. Hopefully next season I can find some more time to play games...
  4. Unfortunately, that didn't work out as we'd all hoped. But hey, THEY'RE BACK! They could go 0-82 and I'd STILL be effing ecstatic!
  5. All I seem to get is game requests during the middle of the day. Obviously I'm going to be working at that point... send me a message after 9pm EST if you want to get a hold of me.
  6. Fusion does cost money, but it's a lot better than virtualbox for this kind of thing. Anyway, yes you still need a win7 disc, which is easy to get
  7. Your problem is that you were using Windows. Anyway, you can use Fusion in 10.5.8 no problem, probably just not a new version. Try grabbing Fusion 3.x: http://downloads.vmware.com/d/details/fus_313/ZGpkYnR3aiViZGhAaA==
  8. tl;dr Translation: I was too busy staring at your avatar.
  9. How much worse I got in the 3 years without playing. Holy christ.
  10. I don't really think I'd WANT to win this award. If you finish quickly, then it's a long boring wait for everyone else to catch up.
  11. FYI - Works fine. Zero lag. Will require you to use Hamachi in order to avoid doing some destination NAT (or what the noobs call "port forwarding") magic. Still need to try using a USB SNES pad, but I don't anticipate any issues there, either.
  12. My plan is to do better than 0-40-0. Perhaps 0-39-1?
  13. When you installed you should have picked the non-commercial license. It's free, and doesn't expire.
  14. Just played my first game in what... 3 years? Got owned 12-1.. but I'm also using a keyboard and plenty rusty Anyway, good to know I can play on my Macbook Pro just fine. I was always iffy about running it in a VM, but it seemed to be clean with zero lag Unfortunately it looks like I may have to use Hamachi (which is *STILL* a garbage protocol, for those too lazy to configure destination NAT.. but I digress...), unless I can find a better way than setting my VM to bridge. For anyone who doesn't use Hamachi, let me know before we play and I'll mess with my NAT configuration. Wow... I still can't believe I'm playing again... kind of surreal.
  15. I don't really need to play a test game, but I guess I might as well anyway. Oh, and hi.
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