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  1. Time to get back to my roots - HFD please.
  2. Det for this guy please. Thanks to hali for the reminder.
  3. One of the biggest frustrations with online play, and why tourneys like Kingof94 will always be valuable, is that emulated online play just isn't quite the same as the live console. The controls just aren't as tight, the pace of the game feels generally slower, and using manual goalie requires you to become Nostradamus and divine the future of where the puck is headed. The latency setting for online is set to 3, but I've found that bumping it down to 2 or even 1 for rock solid connections, makes for a completely different game online. I'm curious if this is common practice at this point, or
  4. Schwartz picks LA. Shoutout to annatar for saving my ass with the heads up.
  5. Hhahah how dare you all use the sweet nectar of the gods against me. As much as I would love to pin it on the beer, I was widely outclassed in that game with Bob. Great write up man. See you in Classic.
  6. Great write up annatar - you made the SNES boys proud with that performance and I'm only sorry I missed you rolling through Mikael 2 games in a row to get to the finals. I couldn't breathe man. I just repeated the scene in my head and cracked the f**k up for half a minute. Here's the play by play: Guy in crowd: "Hey does the nhl 94 cartridge have to sign a video waiver too?" Darell: Get on it son.
  7. He held KGman to 5-2 or 5-3 in their final series GENS game before dropping 8 goals on him in SNES. His play yesterday wasn't based on luck -- he's a legitimately solid player that brought consistent game.
  8. I can help with that: #1 = Omega-Red and Etienne (sorry man didn't catch your forum name), front and center mid way through the tourney. #2 = SNES finals #3 = The SNES boys with Annatar repping proudly with a 2nd place finish. Dominant newcomer Mikael looks on from the background. Someone more proficient in technology than myself should get some text up to label the boys. YES. One of my favourite days in recent memory. Darrell, Mikey, Evan and Smoz, and likely many more that I am not even aware of, deserve huge props for running a great tourney. Some real shark
  9. Annatar I think you just made yourself unofficial master of ceremonies tonight . I have a multitap in tow and another winnipegger with his own controller. Hit me up with contact info as well if you please.
  10. Any consensus on where the 2v2 is happening Friday?
  11. Sitting with a beer and having troubles getting to sleep tonight with Christmas being in 2 days and all. Have we arrived at a consensus re: possible SNES 2v2 for Friday? If nothing is going, I'm going to grab a few brews and break up the GENS party.
  12. I'm down and I have a fellow Winnipeg expat in Toronto I will bring down for the afternoon/evening. Any suggestions as to location?
  13. Boys it's offish - flights are booked, I nearly packed my bags today, and I am now in the process of choosing the golden controller to help me bring this thing back to Manitoba. Look for me on a flight on Friday afternoon I've scanned through the thread but are there any formal plans/location for a 2v2 on Friday night? It'd be a great way to kick off festivities, I wouldn't have to drink alone for once, and I can undertake to bring at least 1 multitap & console down. I'm willing to pick up some more 'taps in the coming weeks as well (perhaps we can hand them out as prizes that night).
  14. That is my bad man -- didn't mean to go the past week without getting a game in. The team is in better hands with Mav. Go get em kid.