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  1. hi fellas, im a huge fan of the nhl series up to the time ea released nhl 95 which I feel they screwed up with. I read the rules and to my surprise I found the the league games are only 5 min periods!! NO line changes!!! and NO OFFSIDES!!. Now someone please correct me please if ive missed somthing here but how can you possibly play with 5 min periods which dont allow enough time to make a mistake and then have your opponent d up for the rest of the short assed game. Also no line changes? no matching lines? no tiring out the other teams top line while playing tough d with your checking line? I could go on and on, fellas this game was great, and now that I see it can be played online I will be joining some of you as soon as I get my hands on a controller. I wish some of you would try playing the game the way its supposed to be played and not the way my 7 year old plays ( no line changes no offsides no nothing) did any of you ever play john madden football MINUS offsides or without rules enabled? no this game is as fun as hell try playing it the way its supposed to be played. ManOwar over 1000 10 minute period game played. and I only beat JOE PRO THREE TIMES! look forward to playing alll of you.
  2. is this a download? holy crap I miss that game. help please..
  3. hey joeeeeeeeeeeeeee, yehhhhhhhhhh, what do we need to do to get started !!!