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  1. hi fellas, im a huge fan of the nhl series up to the time ea released nhl 95 which I feel they screwed up with. I read the rules and to my surprise I found the the league games are only 5 min periods!! NO line changes!!! and NO OFFSIDES!!. Now someone please correct me please if ive missed somthing here but how can you possibly play with 5 min periods which dont allow enough time to make a mistake and then have your opponent d up for the rest of the short assed game. Also no line changes? no matching lines? no tiring out the other teams top line while playing tough d with your checking line?
  2. is this a download? holy crap I miss that game. help please..
  3. hey joeeeeeeeeeeeeee, yehhhhhhhhhh, what do we need to do to get started !!!