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  1. 1996. I only lived there for 3 years, from 93-96, learned to play nhl94 my freshman year in college and still pick up the controller once in a while
  2. thanks! I haven't visited this site in a long time, stop by to see what's up and end up playing some old school '94 as my hometown Detroit Lakes Lakers. kick ass.
  3. thanks, this is great practice for me, really makes me focus on the consequences of my decisions while playing defense.
  4. habs, if you want to know the kgman's email, click on his name you can add your contact info to your profile while you're at it
  5. lukasbrandon666@hotmail.com on MSN I'm down for a few games, though I admit I'm still figuring out how to use NetPlay. Best time to catch me is M-F at 5:30pm Central. Fresh off of work, and looking for some 94 action!