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  1. I apologize for the delay in posts friends. Here is the Sega CD version (175MB). I should also mention I modified the crowd/ambient MP3s and added reverb and a slight flange for more of a surround effect on home theater systems. Enjoy!
  2. Hey pals, Glad to hear that the blood lust is alive and well with you. Here's the one I made back in '04 with the stats current for then. This was a ROM I added blood to that was initially modified by a few oldies on this forum. This is the only Genesis blood rom I made. It's not half as good as the one mentioned below, but I fired it up tonight in GENS and it's not bad. The one with the latest and greatest gore that I've worked on over the years is for Sega CD. This one has the original NHL 94 teams and stats with a few modifications to specific players (speed, power, etc.). This is t
  3. I tried to do this. I wanted to replace the boarding noise with the one from 95. Long story short, I think it's impossible because the sound is "intertwined" with the other data. I tried extracting clips and importing them at variable frequencies in audio editors to no avail. I got close - I could hear the certain sounds - but they were surrounded by static.
  4. That's how I like it, filthy and violent. R rated. Sorry to resurrect this thread, it's been awhile. Adding blood to the injuries is about 100x easier than what I did... all you'd need to do is follow the above procedure and only edit the tiles in tile molester pro that are injury specific. If I remember correctly, these tiles are the last of the player related tiles. Look at them like a flipbook - flailing bodies. My latest hockies have dismemberments, severed heads and split corpses. With some precision, this is a 2 hour job, tops.
  5. Hi all I see a few posts requesting blood in hockey. I posted this awhile back in '03 on the old site and I'll post it again here. Briefly, what I did was this: "replaced" all the colors of the skate blades with a black color from the pants in Tile Molester. There's no visible change when you do this, and the blade color is isolated so it is "it's own" and yours to play with once you reassign the blade to a pant color. Then change the blade color in the HEX to red. Pictures below. Then use that color in tile molester (the old blade color) and paint all over the checked guys in tile mol
  6. Hey fellas. I would play online, but unfortunately the people I play with don't. Besides, there's nothing like real head to head in person action. Even in the burbs, you're about 30-45 minutes away from us. It's not like it's a trek or anything... C'mon, get off your pc and head out. It's worth it when it comes to some hot, live, 94 action. edit: Oh, and we're playing tonight if you're interested.
  7. Hey everyone Awesome site. I used to frequent the old http://members.shaw.ca/nhl94/nhl94main.htm site which is no longer up. I probably spoke with a few of you, I was the guy who released the nhl 94 version with blood. I'm looking for people who are up for a game and live somewhat near Vernon Hills outside of Chicago, IL. There's three of us who play at least every other Saturday (or whenever there's a good boxing match on). We're good guys. There's me, Patrick, I'm 26, my brother Keith 33, Mark 33, and Buddy (a Dachshund) who's about 6. The night usually involves a lot of beer, food