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  1. And secondly....I was hoping by some slim chance tuba would get the spot instead of me....turns out thats a no go.


    Formerly non-existant hopes raised and squashed in 5.28 seconds.


    EDIT: Although if you still need someone, I'm very up for it...pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?

  2. However, In the likely event where I win at least 1 more game, I have a feeling un earthly forces will come into play and you'll make the playoffs.

    I'm assuming you mean DNPs...which work as well, I suppose. If not...

    Please send cash or money order to:


    742 Evergreen Terrace

    Quahog Long Island, 11776

    Done, done aaaaaaaaaaaand done :anger:

    BTW, I've forgot to mention this before, but Halifax...I live across the street from McRae. Scary guy.

  3. The Long Island Hockey Club

    First Line

    G - Ed "The Motherf***ing Eagle" Belfour

    LD - Eric Weinrich

    RD - Steve "Facepalm" Chiasson

    LW - Tony "Tonight, Playing the Role of Theo Fleury is..." Granato

    C - Steve Larmer

    RW - Dave "Gagagagagagagagagaga" Gagner

    X - Kelly "Poor Man's Jesus" Miller

    Second Line

    G - Jeff "Waterboy" Reese

    LD - Doug Bodger

    RD - Kerry "If it weren't for the fact I play for Quebec..." Huffman

    LW - Adam "Almost" Graves

    C - Kelly "Not to Mention he's also Really Awesome" Miller

    RW - Gilbert "Not Marcel" Dionne

    X - Steve Larmer

  4. Some general info about me, I'm 15 years old (sue me.)

    You damn rascally teenager you. It's kids like you and Nats who are ruining the maturity level of the internet...

    Obviously, I'm kidding. Seeing as I'm 15. Ah. Anyhow, welcome, GL, Godspeed, and for the love of all that is holy, switchie to Genesis, please :)

  5. On the total off-chance anyone higher than me in the fourth round wants to swap fourth and sixth round picks, PM me. Not gonna do it for someone that's only two or so spots ahead of me, though.

    EDIT: My protection pick is on the table as well. Unless you want a fifth rounder, it's too late.

    EDITED EDIT: AIM on my iPod is shitting a brick. So once again, if interested, PM me.

  6. First off, let's not forget that I, for lack of a better word, really suck. I need a player like Stevie Y to even give me a playoff pipe dream.

    Second off, with the snaking draft system, there's no way we could've made it more fair. Since my pick for Yzerman would just not work at all, and since his 4th round pick is better than mine, the 4th and 6th were almost a necessity to add in to even it up.

    Good trade, I say.

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