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  1. carse, the champ of gens a/b, took on me, the cellar-dwellar of gens c/d. what results did you expect?

    CAR (Carse) def. NJ (TubaHero) 4-0

    the scores were something along the lines of 6-2, 5-1, 4-0, 5-2

    ggs...to quote Andy Jackson, "They sure showed us where the bear s**t in the buckwheat."

  2. anybody heard from MrSoul in a while? he's my new opponent in the smyth cup...i sent him a private message nearly a week ago, haven't heard anything back.

    yeah, i was talking to nationals1 (O'Connor opposition) and he reports the same results...i'll give him 'till sat to check in, if not, well, you already won a first round game, so i wouldnt lose much sleep in advancing you.

  3. 1. I was reading about the weight-bug on the website, does the majority of the community use the fixed weight bug rom?

    2. Which way do you prefer to attempt to score goals? Rebounds, wrap arounds, one timers? (Im a fan of one-timers myself)

    3. I play with line changes on, and it seems the only way to change your line is to hold A, do a dinky little flip, and then have the line change menu pop up. Is there a better way? Or even, is there a way to dump the puck with more force and line change at the same time?

    4. Would anyone like to play some games together? So I can see how good or bad I am (I've only been playing against AI's, which isnt much of a challenge)?

    1. Personally, I stick with the real thing. The universal truth. The ubergod of ubergods. A man among boys, god among men, Chuck Norris among gods, PK Subban among Chuck Norrises, etc. It's the way it was made it was made to be enjoyed, so let us follow the light.

    2. I'm a bit of a crease-crosser myself, mostly because I can't deke to save my life. I also throw in a one-timer every once in a while, just to keep you on your toes.

    3. No, 'tis the only way. The only solution, it seems, it to play line changes off. Works for me.

    4. Hell yes. Best chance you'll get to win for a while. AIM me at MeatSkid1.

  4. A classic in the making?

    i might say so. these have been, without a doubt, the most epic and intense games i've ever played. i was up 5-4 with 10 seconds to go in game two when sarc took it all the way down the ice and stuffed it home with 2 to go...ended up winning on a penalty shot in OT...if only this were a, rather then d, then we'd be cooking with gas

  5. alright, brackets have been redone. for the O'Connor, this only means that the slackers have received the boot. the only first round series left is xmrsoulx vs chris1knights@hotmail.com, so if you two could please get it on that would be much appreciated. others, you have my full permission to play your second rounders whenever, preferably soon. also, per his request, greatonegsh has been let back in as a replacement in order to fill in the black hole left by a double-slacker firster.

    for the Smyth, however, this is a whole different ballgame. seeing as a large load of people were...not into it, persay...i'm basically rebooting the tourney. sorry to hoopsrgreat, whose victory i have just rendered null and void...but yes, sarc, you are back in this. new matchups, with reseeding have been posted.

    gl and godspeed to all.

  6. ps tuba there was no hard feelings about the "incident" at all. dont sweat it, your one of my favriote guys on here.

    yeah, lol, i figured as much after around 2 weeks of sleepless nights (:dal_skater_hand_grab:)...its like Shayne Corson said, "I was young and stupid back then. Now I'm not young anymore."

  7. a very happy birthday to the man who started me up online...and a member of the very exclusive "i-somehow-lost-to-tubahero" club! :dal_skater_hand_grab:

    one of my greatest memories is the apology letter i penned you after pausing during your scoring op...god, what a noob. i was actually worried for days that you'd "hate me for life" and that i would be shunned from the community...lol.

    anyhow, once again, happy b-day, hombre.

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