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  1. im a Gens 94 ONLY player i dont play that gay hack'd 09 version
  2. couldnt agree more! DONT FORGET Tatarinov the D-man Quebec with a 90 smthn shot power Die Hard hero & NJ forward John MacLain either, he's got a wicked slapshot!
  3. im tellin ya i watched the site's highlight video NOTHING IMPRESSIVE! im not worried about the " VETS"
  4. 1st step i gotta get aim my fault i usually dont use im
  5. cool i need 2 find some players AIM u say? ah ok im a gens guy tho hate SNES version
  6. finally a fellow GENS player i'll play i use the Fusion emulator i get my rom from Freeroms.com just message me
  7. cool. See, how are us rooks gonna get better if the vets never play us lol
  8. NHL creators are morons unless you search your bench you'll miss out on other gr8 players Montreal has loads
  9. will you play me ? i just wanna see how great u guys are!
  10. Why is Dineen from PHI on the bench? he's better than Brind' Amour
  11. i prefer the comp controls I personally use the FUSION emulator & you can edit the controls
  12. i dont mean betting either lol hit me up if you want to play online against me FAV TEAMS: Bos,Van, & Philly
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