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  1. the 3-stars screen is however in a different location, it is in with the rink tiles, I took a quick look at your blitz 10 rom and I think all the tiles are used up. bench goalie, coaches, time judge, etc. might have to remove something to add a logo to the 3-stars screen, or might be able to shift some around and find free tiles.

    I have never really looked at player cards, so I'm not sure if color cards could be possible. will take a look.

  2. hi everybody, wanted to give 93 some love. I was able to make some changes to wboy's nhlpa 93 30 team rom, you can now edit the ron barr picture, the in game timer logo, and the hockey night logo, still trying to hack the nhlpa drop down logo. check out the pics.

    NHLPA 14_000.bmpNHLPA 14_002.bmpNHLPA 14_001.bmp

    ips patch NHLPA 93 - 30 Team Extra Graphics.zip use spatch to apply to your rom

    I have also changed the cup sprites and made a bench side judge hack

    92 cup sprites

    NHLPA 93-92cup_000.bmp

    94 cup sprites

    NHLPA 93-94cup_000.bmp

    bench side judge hack

    NHLPA 14_003.bmpNHLPA 14_004.bmpNHLPA 14_005.bmp

    I will make an ips patch for these soon

    here are some other hacks

    Add the last 2 teams into the playoffs, wboy NHLPA 93 DEFAULT ROM ONLY HAS 28 TEAMS FOR PLAYOFFS, TO GET 30 TEAMS

    goto 00014492 and change 001B to 001D

    goto 00014498 and change 741B to 741D

    goto 00013BAC and change 781C to 781E

  3. I was looking for some small wireless controllers that I could take anywhere with me, and I found two, the Steelseries free and iMpulse Controller. Here is my quick review.

    both controllers are bluetooth, if your computer dosn't support it, just pick up a bluetooth dongle from ebay (I paid a buck)

    Steelseries Free
    small, little bigger than a credit card
    dimensions 4.25 inch x 2.25 inch .75 inch thick
    good construction
    8 buttons, d-pad and two mini analog sticks
    has a rubber coating
    ios, android, windows support
    fits nicely in your hand
    battery is ok
    really expensive @ $59.99

    iMpulse Controller
    really small, little bigger than a 1/64 scale car
    dimensions 3 inch x 1.5 inch .5 inch thick
    ok construction, you try and take it apart it will break
    6 buttons, d-pad, and a mode button
    cheap plastic
    really light
    ios, android, windows support
    battery is ok
    expensive @ $39.99










  4. Can i ask when will be seeing NHL 94 roms for the 89/90 - 98/99 seasons? Simply curious is all

    Sorry, hopefully soon.

    OK, I looked at in the NOSE editor, and there's no way to make Nashville's home jersey's gold without also making the helmets gold (but the helmets should be navy blue).Bummer. I may keep at it to try to improve Nashville in this file. I already fixed their lines for you.I'll upload it when I get done.This is the best 2011 - 2012 roster I've found on this site, though. Great work!

    I wish there was a seperate palette for helmets.

    Sorry for newb questions....What do the trapezoid patch and goalie patch impact? Is the weight glitch fixed in this ROM?Why are the best players capped at 80 or so, not 100?

    Trapezoid is just a graphic change, no impact on the game, I will have my own version of the trapezoid in one of the updates.

    The goalie patch is a separate button for goalie control.

    The weight patch is not in the game.

    I use a rating template for all my roms, so roms stay consistent. here are my rating templates.

    the playoffs should be fixed up with teams playing within the conferences. it's just a suggestion. it would only take a few minutes.

    Will add it in one of the updates

    Thanks for all your feedback.

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