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  1. They shoulda kept the ambulance from 92
  2. Dont get me wrong here I hate that kid. I just thaught it was funny that it was included as a feature
  3. Looks like my NHL 94 game is about to die Now it lets me pick any team to be in the playoffs including east west all stars 2 of the same team and not to mention teams from different conferences. Also I have a screenshot of Pittsburgh tying Hartford in a 7 game series 4-4
  4. The problem is when playing the computer there is no compitition. I think goals should be scored and games should be won on skill not just an easy way to score on a wide open net
  5. Has any of u guys ever had a game where the computer suddenly learns how to play great and both your goalies suck balls and the computer ends up winning like 6-2 when they only took 9 shots
  6. Why is Ottawa's starting goalie 3 points worse than their backup?